How to Share Apps on Oculus Quest 2 2022


What to Know

Enable multi-user accounts on your Quest 2, and add at least one secondary account. Log into the Quest 2 using your admin account.Select Settings (gear icon) > Accounts > toggle on App Sharing.You can add up to three accounts to an Oculus 2. These secondary accounts can play games owned by the admin account.

This article explains how to share Oculus Quest 2 apps between multiple accounts on the same headset allowing each person to have their own game progress and achievements.

How to Enable App Sharing On Oculus Quest 2

App sharing is a feature that allows the admin account on a Quest 2 to share Oculus Quest games and apps with secondary accounts. Each additional user that logs in using their own Facebook account gains access to the admin account's purchased games and apps when this feature is enabled, but games purchased by those additional accounts are not shared.

App sharing is an experimental feature, which means it may be changed or removed at any time. If you don't have the multi-user feature on your Quest, it may not be enabled yet.

Here's how you can enable app sharing on your Quest 2:

Enable multi-user accounts on your Quest 2, and add at least one secondary account.

Log into the Quest 2 using your admin account.

If you aren't already using the admin account, select the universal menu's user icon to switch.

Select Settings (gear icon) from the main navigation bar.

Select Accounts from the Settings sidebar.

The Accounts option is not available if you haven't yet enabled multi-user accounts. If you don't see Accounts in the sidebar, make sure you've turned on the multi-user account feature.

Select the App Sharing toggle to turn on the app sharing feature.

When the feature is enabled, the toggle will be blue. Secondary accounts on your Quest 2 will now be able to access your apps and games, have their own game saves and progress, and achievements.

How Does App Sharing Work on Oculus Quest 2?

The app sharing feature allows the admin account on an Oculus Quest 2 to share purchased apps with others on the same headset. The admin account is the one you used to perform the initial Oculus Quest 2 setup, and you can add secondary accounts through the multi-user account feature.

When the app sharing feature is on, secondary accounts can access most of the admin account's apps. Some apps don't support this feature and require an additional purchase, but you can share most apps using this method.

Can You Play Multiplayer With Quest 2 App Sharing?

Playing multiplayer games with the app sharing feature is complicated because you can't play the same game with the same account on multiple Quest 2 headsets after activating the multi-user account feature. It is possible to play multiplayer games with this feature in most cases, but some apps don't support it.

Here's how to play multiplayer games with the Quest 2 app sharing feature:

Purchase a game with the admin account on the first Oculus Quest 2.

Add a secondary account to the first Oculus Quest 2.

Use the secondary account to play the game on the first Oculus Quest 2.

Using a different Oculus Quest 2 headset, log in with the admin account of the first Oculus Quest 2.

The account can be the admin of the second headset or added as a secondary account. As it owns the game, it doesn't matter whether it's secondary or primary.

Download and install the game on the second headset.

Play the game on the second headset using the admin account from the first headset.

If the app supports it, you can now play together.

Limitations of App Sharing on Oculus Quest 2

When you enable app sharing, it disables an old feature. Before Oculus introduced the multi-user feature and app sharing, it was possible to log into multiple headsets at once with a single account and play the same game on both headsets, concurrently with the same account. For example, you could buy a game on one headset, log into a different headset with the same account, and play the same game on both headsets with the same account at the same time.

If you enable app sharing, you can no longer use one account on two headsets to play the same game simultaneously. For two people to play a game you have purchased on two headsets simultaneously, they need to log into different accounts. Doing this works for both single-player games and multiplayer games, but only if you follow the multiplayer games' procedure in the previous section.

Additionally, you can only enable app sharing on a single Oculus Quest 2. You can still use your Oculus or Facebook account as the admin account on multiple Quest 2 headsets, but you can only enable the app sharing feature on a single headset.

The last notable limitation is the admin account can share apps with secondary accounts, but secondary accounts can't share their apps. So if a secondary account purchases an app, only the secondary account can use that app.

You can, however, log into one Oculus Quest 2 as a secondary account and then use the same Oculus or Facebook account to set up a different Quest 2 as the admin user. Any games you purchased as a secondary account will be available on your new Quest 2, and you can even share them with secondary accounts on that headset if you enable app sharing.