How to Sign up for a Free Apple ID for the iTunes Store 2022


If you're just getting into the world of digital music and streaming movies or want to purchase other digital products like audiobooks and apps, then the iTunes Store is a great resource. An Apple ID is required if you want to buy or redeem iTunes Gift Cards or access the free downloads that you'll find at the iTunes Store. Your Apple ID also gives you access to other Apple offerings, including iCloud.

You don't need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to use Apple's online store; although owning one makes it a more seamless experience. iTunes is available for Windows, Mac, and Apple iOS mobile devices.

How to Sign Up for an Apple ID Using iTunes

If you use a computer, here's how to create your free Apple ID account at the iTunes Store:

Apple has discontinued the use of iTunes in it's operating systems. All the functions have been separated out into other applications so that it's more cross-functional over various devices and platforms.

Open the iTunes app. If it's not installed on your computer, download the latest version from the iTunes website.

Go to the menu at the top of the iTunes screen, select Account, then select Sign In. On a Mac, you'll find Account > Sign In in the top left desktop menu.

In the Sign in dialog box, select Create New Apple ID.

On the Create Apple ID screen, enter your email address and a password to use with your new Apple ID account.

Read Apple's terms and conditions. If you agree with them and want to create an account, select the Terms & Conditions check box to indicate you accept the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions.

Select Continue to proceed.

On the Personal Information screen, enter all the information that is required to set up an Apple ID. This includes your first and last name, birthdate, and three security questions with answers for password recovery in case you forget your login credentials.

If you don't want to receive communications from Apple by email, clear the Subscribe to Apple Emails check box.

Select Continue.

Enter your payment details. To pay for iTunes purchases by credit card, choose your credit card type and enter your card's details in the relevant fields.

Alternatively, you can also choose the None option to skip adding a payment method.

Enter the billing address details that are registered to your credit card, then select Continue.

If you choose PayPal as your payment method, select Continue to verify your PayPal details. In the login window, sign into your PayPal account. Then select Agree and Continue.

Your Apple ID account is created, and you'll see a congratulations screen that verifies you now have an account. Select Done to finish.

Browse iTunes to see all the content it contains. If you decide to buy something, select the button that indicates the price and it will be charged to the payment method you chose during registration.

Items in the iTunes Store that have a Get button are free. Select Get to start the download.

The Apple ID you created to use in iTunes can also be used on other devices to sign into the service. You only need one Apple ID.

How to Sign Up on Apple's Website

Another way to create an Apple ID is to go directly to the Apple website and sign up. This method has the fewest steps. 

Go to the Create Your Apple ID web page.

Enter the requested information, which includes your name, birthdate, your country or region, email address, and a password.

Enter your phone number and verify it with a call or text.

Opt out of any of the displayed messages from Apple by clearing the Announcements; Apps, Music, Movies, and More; and Apple News Newsletter check boxes.

Enter the Captcha code in the text box and select Continue.

Your Apple ID is created. You don't have to supply a payment method when you sign in at the website. But, when you make a purchase on iTunes or the App Store, you're prompted to enter payment information at that time.

If you sign up for an Apple ID through the website, download iTunes and use your new Apple ID to log in and see everything it offers, and to take advantage of the free material, which changes regularly.