How to Sync Microsoft Edge Bookmarks 2022


What to Know

To sync: Go to the Main menu > Settings > Sync > Turn on Sync.To access your favorites, you need to be logged into the same Microsoft account in Edge on each device.Edge allows you to sync many things other than favorites, including passwords and credit card details.

This article explains how to synchronize your Microsoft Edge bookmarks, referred to as favorites, to the cloud so you can share the same bookmarks in Edge across all of your devices.

How to Sync Microsoft Edge Bookmarks on Windows and macOS

If you want to use the same bookmarks across all of your devices, Microsoft Edge provides the option to synchronize your bookmarks. When you turn this feature on, all of your bookmarks save to the cloud. Here's how to sync Microsoft Edge bookmarks:

Open Edge and click the menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the window's upper right corner.

Click Settings.

Click Sync.

 If you aren't already signed in to Edge, sign in on this page before you click Sync.

Click Turn on sync.

Click the toggle button next to Favorites to turn it on.

If the toggle next to Favorites is blue, you're synchronizing bookmarks, and your favorites will be available in Edge on other platforms.

Synchronizing Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

Signing in to the Edge app on your mobile device allows you to access the same bookmarks you have on your desktop as long as you have bookmark sync turned on. When you turn it on, you can automatically share bookmarks from your mobile device to your desktop.

There are two different ways to sync Microsoft Edge bookmarks on mobile devices depending on whether you've just started using Edge or if you've been using it for a while. If you've never used Edge before, or you've never signed in, then you can turn sync on as part of the sign-in procedure. Otherwise, you'll have to turn it on through the settings menu.

How to Sign in and Activate Sync in Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

Here's how to activate sync in Edge on Android and iOS if you aren't yet logged in:

Tap the blank user icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Tap Sign in with a Microsoft account.

Use the same Microsoft account that you use in Edge on other devices.

Sign in to your Microsoft account.

Tap Turn on sync.

Your bookmarks will now synchronize between your devices.

How to Sync Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

If you've already been using Edge with sync turned off, you can turn it on at any time. Just make sure you're signed in using the same Microsoft account that you use with your other devices, and follow these instructions:

Tap your user icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Tap Account settings.

In the Sync settings section, tap Sync.

Tap the toggle that's located to the left of Sync.

If necessary, tap the checkbox next to Favorites.

This will turn on sync for bookmarks. Tap other checkboxes to turn on sync for other things like passwords and payment methods.

Sync is now active for bookmarks. Tap any additional boxes if there's anything else you would like to sync.

You can also import bookmarks from other browsers when you first install Edge or at any time after that, and there is also an option to import manually and backup bookmarks in Edge.