How to Take Screenshots (Print Screen) on Chromebook 2022


What to Know

Launch the Screen Capture tool via Quick Settings; select screenshot or video capture, and choose a partial or full area to capture.Or, use keyboard shortcuts. Screenshot: Ctrl + Window Switch. Specific area: Ctrl + Shift + Window Switch; click and drag to make a selection.Screenshots are saved to the Files app, but you can access them quickly via the Tote, which is a holding area near Phone Hub.

This article explains how to take screenshots on Chromebook laptops and how to locate saved screenshots.

Easiest Way to Take Chromebook Screenshots

With the Chrome OS 89 update, you now have access to a quick and easy screenshot tool. From Quick Settings, select the Screen Capture tool to launch a screen capture toolbar. From the toolbar, choose to take a screenshot or a video capture, then select whether you want to capture the whole screen or a partial area.

When you're finished, easily access your screenshots and video captures in a holding area called the Tote. (They'll still be saved in the Files app.)

This revamped screenshot tool is ideal for educators or anyone who needs to record their displays.

Traditional Keyboard Shortcuts for Screenshots

You can still use the traditional, familiar Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots.

To capture all of your Chromebook's screen, press Ctrl + Window Switch. A confirmation window will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen with a preview of the image.

If you are unfamiliar with the Window Switch key, it is typically located in the keyboard's top row. You must press both keys at the same time.

The keys referenced may appear in different locations on your keyboard, depending on your Chromebook manufacturer and model.

Capturing Part of the Screen on Chromebook

To take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen, hold down Ctrl + Shift, then press the Window Switch key. A small crosshair icon will appear in place of your mouse cursor. Using your trackpad, click and drag until the area that you wish to capture is highlighted. Once satisfied with your selection, let go of the trackpad to take the screenshot.

Locating Your Saved Screenshots

Screenshots are saved to your Downloads folder by default. To access your screenshots:

Select the App Launcher in the bottom-left corner of the desktop.

Select the up-arrow to expand the list of apps.

Select the Files app.

Select Downloads in the left menu pane to view your screenshots along with your other downloaded files.

Screenshots are saved in the PNG format by default. If you prefer a different format, there are dozens of free image converter services online.

Screenshot Apps for Chromebook

The Chrome Web Store has numerous extensions for Chromebook that add advanced screenshot options to Google Chrome. For example:

FireShot allows you to take screenshots of an entire web page, not just the portion currently visible on your screen.Awesome Screenshot includes a screen recording feature, among other screenshot-related functionality.Download FireshotDownload Awesome Screenshot