How to Track a Dell Laptop 2022


What to Know

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location. Toggle on Location access for this device.Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Find my device > Change > Toggle on Save my device's location periodically. You can find the last known location on the Microsoft Account page and the map on the Find My Device tab.

This article shows how you can track a Dell laptop by setting up Find My Device before it goes missing.

Turn on Find My Device in Windows Settings

The best chance to find your laptop is using Microsoft's tracking tool, Find My Device, a GPS-enabled Windows feature that pinpoints your device's location on a map.

The Find My Device Windows feature works if:

You use a Microsoft account to sign in to the laptopYou can access the administrator accountThe laptop is powered on and connected to the internetThe Location setting is on

Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Find my device.

Select the Change button. Enable the button to save the Dell laptop's location periodically to the Microsoft account page. 

Check if Location setting is enabled. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location. Select Turn on the location setting. 

Sign Into Microsoft to Locate Lost Device

Windows 10 syncs the location of the laptop to the cloud periodically. You can locate a device only if you have an administrator account on it. Open a browser on any other computer and follow the steps below.

Go to the Microsoft Account page and sign in with your Microsoft credentials.

Authenticate your identity with the code Microsoft sends to your registered email or the Microsoft Authenticator phone app. 

Select the Find My Device tab.

Choose the tile for the device you want to find, and then select Find to see a map showing your device's location. A notification will pop up on the laptop that says an administrator is trying to locate the device. The computer must be powered on and connected to the internet to get an accurate fix on its location. 


It's better to give unique names to the multiple Windows devices you own. A unique name makes it easier to pinpoint the device on your Microsoft account page. To name your Dell laptop, go to System > About > Select the Rename PC button. Enter a unique name in the field and select Next. Restart your computer to apply the new name. 

Lock Your Dell Laptop Remotely

Lock the device and reset the password for an added layer of security. This works even if Find my device is disabled and you cannot locate the laptop on the map.  

Select the Lock button. 

A message will appear on the Microsoft account page to warn that this step will disable all local users and enable location tracking features. Select Lock again.

Use the Lock your laptop dialog box to write a custom message for whoever finds it (if it's lost or stolen). This message will appear on the Windows lock screen. 

Select Lock. Microsoft will lock the device remotely if the laptop stays connected to the internet, sign out all user accounts, and disable local account access. 

Microsoft will send an email linked to the account. The map on the Microsoft Find My Devices page will also indicate that your Windows 10 device is now locked.

If you successfully retrieve your lost laptop, you can sign into it again with your Microsoft administrator account as usual. Reset your Microsoft account sign-in as soon as you lock the computer remotely. 


Dell's own tracking and recovery services are part of Dell ProSupport (PDF) that covers select Dell Precision and Dell Latitude commercial laptops. Also, you can follow these steps recommended by Dell when you have to report a Dell system as lost or stolen. 

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