How to Turn off Chromecast 2022


Once you start using a Chromecast device, you might notice that it's not always easy to know how to stop Chromecast streams. This issue takes various forms, including stopping a casting stream, turning off Chromecast notifications, or turning off the Chromecast device entirely.

How to Turn off Chromecast Entirely

Unfortunately, Chromecast devices don't come with an on-off switch. They're intended to be used as an always-on device, with a home screen display that will show up on your TV screen whenever the device isn't in use.

However, some people may not want to use the always-on display, or they don't want the Chromecast device showing up on the home network while it's not in use.

There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this. Either of the below methods work to turn off Chromecast devices so that they're no longer connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Disconnect Power

The easiest way to turn off a Chromecast device is to disconnect the power. Chromecast devices come with a power port that you plug the wall charger into. If you unplug the charger from this port, the Chromecast device will turn off.

Use a Smart Plug

If you don't want to get up to turn off your Chromecast device, an alternative is to plug the Chromecast into a smart plug. This way you can use the smart plug app on your phone to turn the Chromecast on or off.

 Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

If you don't want to turn the power off to your Chromecast device, you can always just turn off the TV itself. Just keep in mind that this will keep the Chromecast connected to your Wi-Fi network and will still show up as an active device when people search your network for available devices to cast to.

How to Disable Chromecast Network Notifications

One issue people often have when using multiple Chromecast devices in the same house is that anyone can control any other Chromecast. This means when you're in the middle of watching something, someone else could interrupt your cast to stream their own content.

You can prevent this by disabling network notifications.

Launch the Google Home app on your phone.

Scroll to and tap the Chromecast device you want to disable network notifications for.

On the device remote control screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the settings for that Chromecast device.

Scroll down the Device settings page and toggle Let others control your cast media to off to disable it.

Disabling this will turn off the notification on other mobile devices in the home that list Chromecast devices in use. Because of this, other Chromecast users won't be able to turn off your own Chromecast stream to cast their own.

How to Stop Casting to Chromecast

There are some Chromecast compatible apps that are known to lose control over the Chromecast stream that you launch using that app. A couple of examples are the Amazon Prime Video player on mobile, and the Hulu browser-based video player. You may find that you've lost the ability to remote control the Chromecast, and can no longer control the sound, change the movie time bar, or stop casting.

When you're unable to turn off your Chromecast stream from these apps, follow these steps to regain control.

Using Google Chrome

Open a new Google Chrome browser.

Select the three dots in the upper right corner to open the browser settings, then select Cast.

You should see the Chromecast device currently casting in blue. To stop this Chromecast, select it from the list. If Google Chrome is connected to the Chromecast device properly, this should stop the Chromecast.

Using the Google Home App

If using Chrome doesn't work, then open your Google Home app on your mobile device, as it has full control over every Chromecast device in the house. Tap the Chromecast device you want to stop, then, on the device screen, select Stop casting at the bottom.