How to Unlock All Captured Memories in Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2021


A large portion of the story in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is tied to Captured Memories. These are optional side quests that help fill in the game's backstory.

There are a total of 18 memories to collect: 13 are tied to photos from the Captured Memories Quest, while the remaining five appear as you complete the main story.

Where to Find the Captured Memory Locations

To begin the Captured Memories Quest, you'll first need to speak to Purah in Hateno Village. Purah is tied to the Locked Mementos Quest, which you'll acquire from Impa after talking to her in Kakariko Village. 

After locating Purah (you can find her in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab north of Hateno Village) and completing a task for her, she'll repair your Sheikah Slate. You must then return to Impa, who will task you with finding Princess Zelda's lost memories, which are tied to photos she took with the Sheika Slate.

Below, we'll show you how to find all 12 of these memories (and the final secret memory!).

Photo #1: Subdued Ceremony

This memory is located in Central Hyrule, just south of Hyrule Castle, in the Sacred Ground Ruins. You'll find it in the center of the ruins.

Warp to the Central Tower.

Head northeast to the Sacred Ground Ruins. Watch out for Guardian attacks!

Photo #2: Resolve and Grief

This is one of the easier memories to locate, as it's close to the game's opening area, the Great Plateau.

Warp to the Plateau Tower and glide north toward Lake Kolomo.

Head to the west bank. The memory will be located near a small raised ridge.

Photo #3: Zelda's Resentment

Located right outside the Tena Ko'sah Shrine, this memory is pretty straightforward to find. Just watch out for a group of Moblins that patrol the area.

Head west from the stable and cross the Tabantha Great Bridge.

Climb the large ridge to the southwest (Ancient Columns). You'll find a new shrine to explore and your third photo memory!

Photo #4: Blades of the Yiga

You'll likely find this memory organically as you make your way to Gerudo Town to complete the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Naboris. But if not, it's easy to locate as long as you've uncovered the Gerudo Wasteland area.

Head southwest from the Gerudo Canyon Stable. Alternatively, you can fast travel to the shrine just outside Gerudo Town and start travelling northeast.

About halfway between the stables and Gerudo Town, you'll arrive at Kara Kara Bazaar. Look around the water's edge to find the memory.

Photo #5: A Premonition

One of the trickier memories to find, you'll need to navigate the cliffs southwest of Goronbi River to reach it.

Fast travel to the Woodland Tower and start gliding east toward Eldin Canyon.

Continue climbing the peaks and dodging Lizalfo enemies until you reach the area marked on the map above.

The memory is located next to a ring of small stones, near a cliff overhang.

Photo #6: Silent Princess

Although this memory is close to Hyrule Castle, you won't have to put yourself in much danger to reach it.

Fast travel to the Ridgeland Tower and glide northeast toward Royal Ancient Lab Ruins.

Alternatively, you can fast travel to the Monya Toma Shrine and head southeast.

Make your way to a large tree next to a small pool of water. You'll find the memory close to the tree.

Photo #7: Shelter from the Storm

You'll find this memory north of the Bridge of Hylia, across the river from Scout's Hill.

Warp to the Bosh Kala Shrine, south of Proxim Bridge. If you haven't found this shrine, warp to Great Plateau Tower instead and glide east.

Walk south along the east bank of the river until you come to a large tree with two small statues sheltered underneath. The memory will be nearby.

Photo #8: Father and Daughter

This is the most difficult memory to attain, as it's located within Hyrule Castle. However, there's a route you can take that will let you get in and out relatively fast and with minimal enemy resistance.

Warp to Ridgeland Tower and glide as far as you can toward the western side of Hyrule Castle.

At the end of the road near Hyrule Castle Moat, you'll see a small boat. Use this to reach the outer wall of the castle.

You'll need a Korok Leaf in order to propel the boat forward. Korok Leaves can be found by cutting down trees, but you can also find a guaranteed one outside the Chaas Qeta Shrine on Tenoko Island.

Climb the cliff-face in front of you. You'll need quite a bit of stamina to do this, so it's a good idea to have some replenishment items on-hand. Alternatively, if you've unlocked Revali's Gale, you can use it to instantly get near the top of the cliff.

You should see a tall spire not too far ahead. Make your way towards it and dodge any patrolling Guardians that target you.

Start climbing the tower. There will be a point about halfway up where you can stand and reclaim stamina.

Don't worry too much about the flying Guardian patrolling the tower, as it likely won't spot you. If a Guardian does target you, shimmy around the tower to get out of its sightlines.

At the top of the tower, climb through the door into Princess Zelda's Study. Just ahead on the bridge you'll find the memory.

Photo #9: Slumbering Power

You'll find this memory just south of North Akkala Valley in the Spring of Power.

Warp to the Katosa Aug Shrine and head west from East Akkala Stable.

Look for a large pool of water between the Akkala Highland and Deep Akkala. You'll find the memory in front of the water's edge.

Photo #10: To Mount Lanayru

This memory can be easily found next to the horse statue in the Sanidin Park Ruins.

Warp to the Central Tower and glide west toward the river.

Climb the cliff face up to Sanidin Park Ruins. The memory will be in the center, in front of the statue.

Photo #11: Return of Calamity Ganon

You'll find this memory at Lanayru Road - East Gate. It will be a bit of a trek to reach this area unless you've discovered the Dow Na-eh Shrine, which is located to the southwest.

Head east from Kakariko Village and past the Great Fairy Fountain.

Keep moving past Pierre Plateau and deal with the Bokoblins guarding the promenade along the way.

Defeat the Moblin guarding the East Gate. You'll find the memory near a large arch.

If you've found the Jitan Sa'mi Shrine near the Spring of Wisdom, you can simply warp there and glide down to the East Gate from Mount Lanayru.

Photo #12: Despair

This memory is located in a nondescript woodland area, but isn't too difficult to find if you know where you're going.

Warp to the Kaya Wan Shrine, next to the Wetland Stable.

Cross the river west and head south toward the Bottomless Swamp.

Search for a small clearing in the forested area north of the swamp. You should see the memory nearby.

Photo #13: Zelda's Awakening

This final memory is only unlocked after you locate all 12 of the photos in your Sheikah Slate.

Speak with Impa in Kakariko Village. She'll point to a picture on her wall, which depicts a large battlefield full of Guardians. This is your destination.

Head south from Kakariko and over the Kakariko Bridge. You should see a large battlefield strewn with deceased Guardians.

Go to the center of the battlefield. The memory is located near some large pools of water.

How to Find the Main Quest Memories

In addition to the 13 photo memories, there are an additional five memories tied to main story quests. You'll get the first four naturally by completing each of the Divine Beast quests, but the fifth one requires a bit more work to attain.

Memory #1: Revali's Flap

This memory can be found in the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Medoh. After speaking to the Rito Village Elder, talk to Temba's wife in the next building. She'll point to a landing platform, which will trigger Link's memory of the champion Revali.

Memory #2: Daruk's Mettle

This memory can be found in the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Rudania. The Goron City boss, Bludo, will point out a large carving of the Champion Daruda that's built into the city walls. This will trigger Link's memory of the Goron Champion.

Memory #3: Urbosa's Hand

This memory can be found in the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Naboris. After reclaiming the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan and giving it back to Gerudo Town's chief, Riju, you'll trigger Link's memory of the champion Urbosa.

Memory #4: Mipha's Touch

This memory can be found in the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Speak to Muzu on the lower level of Zora's Domain. He'll point out a statue of Mipha, which will trigger Link's memory of the fallen Champion.

Memory #5: The Master Sword

This memory can be found in the main quest - The Hero's Sword. You'll need to locate the Master Sword in Korok Forest and successfully claim it before triggering the memory. Follow our guide to find out how to get the Master Sword!

How to Watch All Captured Memories in Chronological Order

Although you can unlock all 18 memories in any order you wish, this could lead to some confusion if you're trying to piece together Breath of the Wild's backstory. If you want to view the events of the Great Calamity chronologically, you should collect and view the captured memories in the following order:

 Memory TitleLocationDescription  1. Subdued Ceremony (Photo #1)Sacred Ground Ruins Link is chosen as the appointed knight of Princess Zelda.2. Revali's Flap (Main Quest Memory #1)Rito VillageRevali expresses his opposition to supporting Link.3. Resolve and Grief (Photo #2)Southwest of Kolomo Garrison RuinsZelda and Link head to Goron City. 4. Daruk's Mettle (Main Quest Memory #2) Goron City Daruk trains with his Divine Beast on Death Mountain and protects Link from a sudden landslide. 5. Zelda's Resentment (Photo #3) Ancient Columns Zelda expresses her frustration while researching the shrines. 6. Urbosa's Hand (Main Quest Memory #3) Gerudo Town Link meets Urbosa in the Gerudo Desert. 7. Blades of the Yiga (Photo #4) Kara Kara Bazaar Link saves Zelda from a Yiga Clan attack. 8. A Premonition (Photo #5) Northeast of Woodland Stable Zelda discusses her concerns about the growing darkness in Hyrule with Link. 9. Silent Princess (Photo #6) Northeast of Royal Ancient Lab Ruins Zelda discusses her admiration for a flower called the silent princess with Link. 10. Mipha's Touch (Main Quest Memory #4) Zora's Domain Mipha attends to Link's wounds atop her Divine Beast. 11. Shelter from the Storm (Photo #7) West of Deya Village Ruins Zelda discusses her self-doubt with Link while the two seek shelter from a storm. 12. Father and Daughter (Photo #8) Hyrule CastleKing Rhoam expresses his displeasure with Zelda's failure to awaken her powers. 13. Slumbering Power (Photo #9) Spring of Power Zelda attempts to awaken her sealing power at the Spring of Power. 14. To Mount Lanayru (Photo #10)Sanidin Park RuinsZelda tells Link she is travelling to Mount Lanayru to try and awaken her hidden power. 15. Return of Calamity Ganon (Photo #11) Lanayru Road - East Gate Link, Zelda, and the other Champions witness the awakening of Calamity Ganon. 16. Despair (Photo #12) Northeast of the Bottomless Swamp Zelda despairs after Calamity Ganon takes control of the Divine Beasts. 17. Zelda's Awakening (Photo #13) Ash Swamp Zelda comes to Link's aid and finally unleashes her sealing power. 18. The Master Sword (Main Quest Memory #5)Korok Forest Zelda entrusts the Master Sword to the Deku Tree.