How to Use Google Home as a House Intercom System 2022


What to Know

From the nearest Google Home speaker, say, "OK Google, broadcast." It will say, "What's the message?"Speak your message. It will be recorded and played over all the Google Home speakers on your network.Use the Google Assistant app on your Android or iPhone to broadcast messages to all Google Home devices on your Google account.

This article explains how to use your multiple Google Home speakers as an intercom system in your house using the "OK Google, broadcast" command. Instructions apply to Google Home, Mini, and Max smart speakers connected to the same Wi-Fi network. We also include instructions on using your Android phone or iPhone to broadcast.

Hey Google, Broadcast!

In this example, we'll use the "OK Google, broadcast" command to ask the kids to check where the family pet is located. You'll need to be logged in to your Google Account to use this command.

Wake your personal assistant by saying “Hey Google, broadcast” or “OK Google, broadcast.” It'll respond with “What's the message?”

Speak your message. For example, say, "Kids, have you seen the dog?" Your message will be recorded and played over all the Google Home speakers on your network.

The broadcast will play back everything you say during the next few seconds, so if you yell, your family will hear it.

Your family members can respond by using the “OK Google, broadcast” command from their closest Google Home speaker.

Only one person can broadcast at a time.

If your Google Home is playing music or news, saying "OK Google, broadcast" will mute the audio while you're talking to the speaker. It will also interrupt any music playing on the other speakers in your home. This way, your message won't be competing with whatever your family is listening to.

Unfortunately, you can't target only one of your speakers. For example, maybe you need to wake your teenager but want to let the 8-year-old sleep in; you won't be able to do that.

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Use Your Phone to Broadcast

If you have the Google Assistant app on your Android phone or Apple iPhone, ask Google to broadcast messages to all of the Google Home devices connected to your Google account. You don't even have to be connected to your home Wi-Fi to use this function.

You can't broadcast from your Google Home devices to your phone. It's strictly a one-way conversation so your family at home will need to call you on their personal phones or use Google Voice to call you back.

Fun Canned Announcements to Try

You can use certain key phrases to let Google Assistant speak the announcement instead of using your voice. For example, “Hey Google, broadcast dinner is served!” will sound a virtual dinner bell and announce dinner time to your family.

Using canned responses is a great way to avoid having to use your own voice for repeated announcements. Try saying “It's time for bed” and “wake up everyone” right after you say "Hey Google, broadcast." When you're in the car on the way home, try using the canned phrase “OK Google, broadcast I'll be home soon!”