How to Use Guest Mode with Google Assistant 2022


What to Know

Enable Guest Mode: Say, "Hey Google, turn on guest mode."Disable Guest Mode: Say, "Hey Google, turn off guest mode."Check if Guest Mode is enabled: Say, "Hey Google, is guest mode on?"

This article covers how to use Guest Mode on Google Assistant, including how to turn it on and off and additional ideas you should consider when using this feature. Guest Mode on Google Assistant doesn't save any personalized information while it's enabled.

What Is Guest Mode on Google Assistant?

You can think of Guest Mode like the Chrome Incognito Mode for Google Assistant. It allows your guests to use Google Assistant on any Google Home device on your network without having their activity logged to or saved on your Google account.

Guest Mode provides privacy for your guests, and it prevents preferences and saved settings on your Google services from adjusting or changing due to requests made by your guests.

How to Turn On Guest Mode on Google Assistant

The process of turning Guest Mode on or off is easy.

Before you start, make sure you know the current state of Guest Mode. You can do this by saying the following command to your Google Nest Hub or Google Nest Mini: "Hey Google, is guest mode on?"

Your Google Nest device displays the current status of Guest Mode. If this is your first time enabling Guest Mode, you should see the status, "Guest mode is off," along with an audio announcement. If you have a Google Nest Mini, you'll hear whether Guest Mode is active.

To enable Guest Mode for your guests, say the following phrase to your Google Nest device: "Hey Google, turn on guest mode."

A status appears at the top of the screen displaying "Guest mode is on," along with an audio announcement. Again, if you have a Mini, only a voice announces that Guest Mode is active.

When Guest Mode is active, an anonymous profile icon appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.

When you swipe the anonymous profile image to the left, you see a confirmation message: "Guest mode is on."

When Guest Mode is on, your guests can control smart home devices on the same Wi-Fi network, cast content to Chromecast or any Chromecast-enabled smart TV, or listen to music on music streaming services like Spotify.

How to Turn Off Guest Mode on Google Assistant

Once your guests are gone, and you're ready to disable Guest Mode, a single command does the job.

Say, "Hey Google, turn off guest mode."

After a few seconds, a status appears at the top of the screen, saying, "Guest mode is off." You'll also hear an announcement of the same.

Now you can continue using Google Assistant on your Google Nest devices as you normally would, connecting to all of your Google services.

Additional Points to Consider

Guests can play music, control devices, and get the weather. However, they can't connect to their Google account to check email or calendar events.

Automatic routines work but exclude any Google service connections, which include personalized results. Guests can also use the Broadcast feature to make announcements to all other Google Nest devices in the home.