How to Use Snapchat's Group Chat 2023


Snapchat is a social messaging app that lets users send quickly disappearing pictures and short videos to friends, often with fun filters and effects. Snapchat's Group Chat feature lets you create a group of up to 31 people to share moments, chats, and memories. Within the group, it's easy to send and receive messages and even start calls and video chats. Here's how it works.

These instructions work with the Snapchat app on an iOS or Android device.

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How to Create and Use a Group Chat

Some aspects of a Snapchat Group Chat are similar to a text group chat. Send inside jokes, directions, and any other information you can all relate to. Snapchat's Group Chat has additional functionality, allowing you to make calls and start video chats with your group.

Open Snapchat and select the Chat tab (looks like a speech bubble).

Select the Compose icon (looks like a pen and pad).

To create a Group Chat, select members from your list of friends.

At the top of the screen, you'll see Name Group. Enter a group name in this box to give your Group Chat a name.

To send a message to an existing Group Chat, select the chat's name from your list of recent chats.

To send a message, begin typing in the Send a chat box. Press Return or Enter when you're finished. You've sent a message to your group chat.

To call the members of your Group Chat, select the phone icon from the top. Your group members' phones will ring.

To start a video chat with your group, select the camera icon from the top. Members receive a notification inviting them to join the group video chat by video or by voice if they're not feeling camera-ready.

People in the video chat appear in a grid format on the screen. While you can have yourself and 31 others in your Group Chat, only 16 people can be in a video call at once.

Video Chat Options

During your video chat, type a message, or select a photo or video to send to your group. These show up as overlays on the video so everyone can see them.Use lenses and filters to add more fun to your group video chats.Switch between the front and rear cameras while video chatting to show friends where you are and what you're doing.Mute your chat temporarily if your surroundings are noisy.Exit the chat at any time by tapping the red phone icon.

All group text chats are deleted by default after 24 hours. Group video chats aren't stored when they're over.