How to Use the Kindle for Free Email on the Go 2021


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It's possible to check your email on a Kindle with the experimental web browser. The Kindle browser is free as long as you are within the U.S. and don't download attachments. Attachments incur a Whispernet transfer fee and may not be readable on the device.

Instructions in this article apply to all Amazon Kindle e-readers, including the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

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How to Check Your Email on a Kindle

Before you begin, make sure your Kindle is connected to a network (either Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G). For the current generation down to the 4th generation Kindle:

Enable Wireless. Go to Settings > All Settings > Wireless, then turn off the Airplane Mode toggle switch if necessary.

You may need to go to Wi-Fi Networks and select an available network to use.

Select Home.

Select the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the browser, then select Experimental Browser.

Enter the URL of your email provider in the address bar of the browser.

Check Email With the Kindle Browser

Once you log in to your ​account, the Kindle experimental web browser does a good job of rendering the layout, at least with Gmail and Yahoo Mail. If the elements are too small for easy navigation, zoom in or out using your fingers the same way as reading an e-book.

Because Kindles lack a mouse, either use your finger or pointer. On older Kindles, use the navigation button to move the cursor to an active element on the display (such as the URL bar). When you are in an editable element, the cursor changes to a pointing finger. At this point, you can use the Kindle keypad or digital keyboard to enter information.​

Outside of the restriction on attachments, you can also send emails from a Kindle. Use your finger to type or the navigation button to move the cursor to each box (until the icon becomes a pointing finger), then type away. If you use a ​POP mail client, the Kindle isn't exactly set up to run third-party software. However, if you forward email to a web client such as Gmail, you can temporarily access it through your Kindle.

How to Check Your Email on an Older Kindle

The steps for downloading the browser are a little different on generation 3 and earlier Kindles:

Press the Menu button on the keyboard.

Use the navigational button to select Turn Wireless On.

Press Menu, then select Experimental.

In the Basic Web section, select launch browser.

On Kindles older than 4th generation, some pages may have problems loading due to security issues.

Enter the URL of your email provider in the address bar of the browser.

Bookmark Your Email

While at the login screen of your email account, go to the browser menu (the three vertical dots) and select Bookmark this Page.

On 3rd generation and older Kindles, select Menu > Bookmark This Page. The next time you log in to your email on the Kindle, you don't have to enter the site's URL.

Where's the @ at on the Kindle Keyboard?

Kindles that are older than the 4th generation have physical keyboards, and it's difficult to find the @ symbol. To locate the @ sign, press the SYM button and use the navigational buttons to select the @ symbol from the pop-up menu.