How to Use the Sling TV DVR 2022


What to Know

Choose a show and select Record. Select record all episodes, new episodes, or one episode. Hit cancel if you've changed your mind.A Recordings section will appear in your account with everything you've recorded.To use it you need a Sling Blue subscription with Cloud DVR Free or Cloud DVR Plus and a compatible device.

This article explains how to use the Sling TV DVR to record shows, plus how to stop, delete, and protect recordings.

The screenshots in this article are from Sling running on a computer, but the instructions apply to the Sling app on all supported devices.

How to Record on Sling TV

Once you've got the Sling DVR, you can record shows from any part of Sling: My TV, On Now, Guide, and more, and fast forward through ads in your recordings.

The screenshots below are from Sling's desktop app, but the instructions apply to the Sling app on all supported devices.

Browse or search Sling TV to find the show or movie you want to record. When you find it, click or tap on it.

Information about the series and its episode, or the movie, appears. Choose Record.

In the pop-up window, choose what you want to record:

Record All Episodes: Record all episodes of the show, including reruns.Record New Episodes: Only record episodes that are airing for the first time.Record This Episode Only: Record just one episode, not the whole series.Cancel: Choose this if you don't want to record anything.

When you record a movie, you won't have all these options. Just choose Record and you're done.

There's no confirmation message that you've set a show or movie to be recorded to the Sling DVR. However, a new section is added to your My TV screen: Recordings, which lists the things you're recording.

How to Stop Recording Shows with the Sling DVR

If you've set a show to record and no longer want it recorded, follow these steps to stop recording with the Sling TV DVR:

If the show or movie is listed in the Recordings section of the My TV screen, choose the item you want to stop recording. If it's not, choose My DVR and then the show or movie.

Choose Stop.

Confirm that you want to stop recording and delete the current recording by choosing Yes.

You'll know the recording has been stopped when the Stop button changes to Record again.

How to Delete Recordings in the Sling DVR

Since you've only got 10 hours of storage in the Sling Cloud DVR Free option, you have to know how to delete recordings to free up space for new shows. Just follow these steps:

From the My TV tab, choose My DVR.

Choose Manage.

Choose the show (or shows) you want to delete. A checkmark appears on each selected show.

Pick all of your recordings with one button by choosing Select All.

Choose Delete.

How to Protect Recordings in the Sling DVR

Got a favorite show or movie that you always want to have? If you've got a Sling Cloud DVR Plus subscription, you can mark shows as protected so they're never automatically deleted when you run out of space. Here's how:

From the My TV or My DVR screens, choose the show or movie you want to protect.

On the detail screen for the show or movie, choose Protect.

You'll know a recording is protected when the Protect button changes to Unprotect.

What You Need to Use the Sling DVR

To use the Sling DVR, you need the following:

A Sling Blue subscription with Cloud DVR Free or Cloud DVR PlusA supported device. See the full list of Sling DVR-compatible devices.

The basic Cloud DVR Free offers 10 hours of storage for recordings. Upgrade to Cloud DVR Plus for a few dollars a month and you'll bump your capacity up to 50 hours and you can protect your favorite shows from being automatically deleted when your DVR hits its storage limit; other shows will be deleted first.