Huion Inspiroy G10T Drawing Tablet Review 2022


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Huion Inspiroy G10T Drawing Tablet

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What We Like

Wireless option

Separate touchpad

Customizable function switches

Solid build quality

What We Don't Like

Limited touch gesture customization

Can't drag and drop with the touchpad

Can't use the touchpad to rotate

For a mix of price, performance, and features the Huion Inspiroy G10T drawing tablet hits a sweet spot.

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Huion Inspiroy G10T Drawing Tablet

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We purchased the Huion Inspiroy G10T Drawing Tablet so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

When you invest in a drawing tablet, it's important to make sure that you find one that's equal to the task at hand. The Huion Inspiroy G10T is a drawing tablet that offers premium build quality, a fantastic wireless option, and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The included touchpad has a few quirks that hold this tablet back a bit, but there's still far more to praise than to complain about.

We put it Huion G10T to the test, checking out how well it actually works in both wired and wireless modes, whether it's really as sensitive as it says on the box, how the touch functionality works, and more.

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Design: Premium metal build quality

The Huion Inspiroy G10T is thin, lightweight, and still manages to feel very solid. It's a bit heavier than drawing tablets that are designed strictly for wired use, partially because of the need to include a battery to facilitate the G10T's wireless mode.

The premium build quality also contributes to increased weight, as this isn't a flimsy plastic drawing tablet. The back of the G10T features a brushed metal construction, which creates a striking two-tone look when combined with the flat black look of the drawing surface, touchpad, buttons, and bezel.

The back of the G10T features a brushed metal construction, which creates a striking two-tone look when combined with the flat black look of the drawing surface, touchpad, buttons, and bezel.

The bezel is exceptionally thin, allowing the drawing surface to extend all the way to the top and bottom edges of the device. The right side features a slightly larger edge, and the left side contains a large touchpad and six customizable function buttons. Even with the touchpad, it's still a fairly compact tablet for the amount of drawing surface that you get.

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Setup Process: You may need to download updated drivers from Huion

Setup isn't difficult, but we did run into a few issues. The first is that the included drivers aren't exactly up to date, so we recommend downloading the latest drivers directly from Huion. The other is that the tablet won't work right if you have drivers for any other drawing tablets or monitors installed.

The general setup process consists of removing any existing drawing tablet or pen monitor drivers, downloading and installing the latest drivers from Huion, and plugging in the wireless USB dongle. With the tablet either plugged in to power, or charged, turning it on and connecting is as simple as tapping the power button. The G10T automatically syncs with the wireless USB dongle, and you're ready to go.

Display: No included display

Since this is a graphic drawing tablet, not a pen display tablet, there is no built-in display. When the G10T detects the presence of the included pen, it takes control of the cursor on your computer, allowing you to create art on your monitor by drawing on the tablet.

If you want to be able to draw directly on a monitor, you may want to check out a pen display like the Huion GT-191 Kamvas. Pen displays are more expensive than basic drawing tablets like the G10T, but some artists prefer the option to draw directly on their monitor.

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Performance: Flawless performance in both wired and wireless modes

During our testing process, the The Huion Inspiroy G10T performed flawlessly. We tried it out in both wired and wireless modes, and we didn't notice any lag or pen skipping in either mode. The wireless mode is especially nice, as it allows total freedom in placing the tablet in whatever position feels best. You can even prop the tablet up, or hold it on your free hand, to achieve an angled surface if that feels better.

The drawing surface is buttery smooth, which results in an incredibly satisfying experience when drawing lines of varying thickness.

The G10T features 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity which we found to be very responsive during our testing. You may not need that level of sensitivity if you aren't doing professional work, but it certainly feels very nice.

The drawing surface is buttery smooth, which results in an incredibly satisfying experience when drawing lines of varying thickness. It is a sharp departure from drawing tablets that provide a rougher surface to more closely mimic the experience of drawing on paper, so if you feel like you need that type of rougher surface, you may want to check out a Wacom or a less expensive option like the Monoprice drawing tablet.

Usability: Very functional with a few quirks

The Huion Inspiroy G10T suffers from very few usability issues. Some artists may miss graphic indicators on the function buttons, which this tablet lacks. Instead, each of the six buttons has either one, two, or three raised bumps to help your fingers locate the right one. Each button is fully customizable, so you can set them to perform any function you like.

The touchpad, which is sandwiched between the buttons, is more of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's nice to separate touch functionality from the drawing surface. On the other hand, the touchpad lacks some key functionality. It's capable of acting as a regular touchpad whenever the drawing pen isn't in close proximity to the drawing surface, but you can't use it to drag or reposition anything.

We tried it out in both wired and wireless modes, and we didn't notice any lag or pen skipping in either mode.

Whenever the pen is in close proximity to the drawing surface, the touchpad loses the ability to control the cursor on your monitor. Instead, it's only capable of performing a handful of preset gestures. You can left and right click, page forward and back, and pinch to zoom, among a few others.

The G10T has good support for multiple monitors, and the driver we downloaded from Huion provided a lot of options for choosing which monitor to draw on. It even allows you to map the tablet to just part of a monitor. This allows you to set up the exact experience that you want, which is a nice touch.

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Ports and Connectivity: Includes USB-C and 2.4 GHz wireless

In terms of ports and connectivity, the Huion Inspiroy G10T is about as simple and straightforward as it gets. The tablet has a single USB-C port, which is used to charge the battery and provide wired connectivity to your computer. The tablet also comes with a wireless USB dongle. When the dongle is plugged into your computer and you turn the tablet on, it connects automatically.

Software and Drivers: Try downloading the latest updated drivers from Huion

The Huion Inspiroy G10T comes with drivers on a CD, but we had better luck downloading updated drivers directly from Huion's official site. The updated drivers worked flawlessly, providing a lot of great options for customizing your experience. Each of the six function keys can be customized, giving you a limited amount of control over what each touchpad gesture does.

The updated driver software also provides a great deal of control over how the work area on the drawing tablet corresponds to your monitor or monitors. You can choose to use the drawing tablet across multiple monitors, assign it to a single monitor, and can even map the drawing surface to directly correspond to the window in the drawing program that you use. 

Price: Great feature set for what you pay

The Huion Inspiroy G10T typically retails for between $80 and $140. With both wireless connectivity and a separate touchpad, it's worth considering at the upper end of that scale. At the lower end, it represents a great deal.

The similar Huion Q11K is another excellent drawing tablet that offers a similar drawing surface and wireless connectivity, lacks the separate touchpad, features plastic construction instead of a brushed metal back, and typically retails for about $100.

Competition: Tough to beat

The Huion Inspiroy G10T is one of the better drawing tablets in its price category. You can pay significantly less for fewer features and a lower build quality, or pay more to step up to a pen display, but this is a drawing tablet that has very few negative qualities.

For example, the Monoprice drawing tablet is typically available for about $40 to $60, which represents decent savings over the G10T. It has a similarly-sized work area, and eight function buttons instead of six, but it doesn't have wireless connectivity or a touchpad. More importantly, it's limited to 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet Review

On the other end of the scale, you can look at an industry standard tablet like the Wacom Intuos. A similarly-sized Intuos typically retails in the $200 range, coming with some features that the G10T lacks, like tilt recognition.

If you have more room in your budget, Huion also makes excellent pen displays, like the $500 Huion Kamvas GT-191 and the $280 Kamvas Pro 12, which even has tilt support. These pen displays are significantly more expensive than the G10T, but they do allow you to draw directly on the display.

Huion Kamvas GT-191 Drawing Tablet ReviewFinal Verdict

Worth a look if you need wireless and a touchpad.

The Huion Inspiroy G10T isn't a perfect drawing tablet, but it has very few faults worth mentioning. The wireless functionality works great, the function buttons and touchpad are well-placed and easy to use, and the buttery-smooth drawing surface offers a full 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. You can save some money if you don't need all those features, but this is the drawing tablet to beat in this price range and with this feature set.

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Product Name Inspiroy G10T Drawing Tablet Product Brand Huion UPC 0612592162761 Price $77.99 Weight 3.29 lbs. Product Dimensions 14.7 x 7 x 0.4 in. Warranty One year Compatibility Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS 10.10 and newer Sensitivity 8,192 levels Shortcut keys Six keys, touchpad Ports USB