iMac : News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors 2022


Apple's upcoming all-in-one iMacs will be replaced this year, possibly with larger 24-inch and 32-inch versions. We're expecting a design overhaul with a slimmer LED display and improved performance through an updated chip.

When Will the New iMac Be Released?

We don't know. Apple updated the larger iMac in August 2020. Before that, both sizes received a refresh in March 2019. These dates aren't much to go on, and Apple could throw a wrench in the timeline anyway.

Ach5's Release Date Estimate

The company has been silent on any news of an upcoming computer, but given past releases, our best guess is that we'll see these newer models sometime between April and September of this year, maybe even at the company's next event on April 20. It's also possible that they won't be released simultaneously.

iMac 2021 Price Rumors

Since the upcoming iMac lineup might use chips that are made in-house, the cost savings from not outsourcing production should bring the price down. That, and the fact that the cost-effective mini-LED is in the works, too, means that we could see similar pricing as existing models despite the expected enhancements.

The current smaller model starts at just over $1,000, while the larger one's base model is $1,799.

Pre-Order Information

We'll know more about pre-ordering the new iMac as its release nears. Be sure to check back for updates.

The Latest News About the 2021 iMac 

You can get more updated computer-related news from Ach5. Below are additional stories and rumors about the new iMac.

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iMac 2021 Features

You'll only find rumors at this stage, so here's a list of what we'll probably see with the new iMac and what we can only hope will be included:

Apple Silicon: Apple is moving its products over from Intel chips to custom-designed chips that they're calling Apple Silicon. It's a no-brainer that we'll see this upgrade in this year's iMacs (or is it?), which, overall, translates to a much more powerful machine.Mini-LED: Darker blacks, brighter brights, and better contrast are what mini-LED offers, and it's such a reliable rumor that the new iMacs will include it that this isn't even a prediction. The upcoming iPad Pro and MacBook Pro will use the same tech, so it's without a doubt coming to the iMac as well.Face ID: The facial recognition feature baked into the iPhone will eventually, according to Bloomberg, be available on the iMac. Initially, the feature was supposed to be part of this upcoming release, but now it looks like it won't make it into this year's computers. This rumor won't stop us from being hopeful, though.Tighter, modern display: Apple will do away with the humpback design in favor of something more flat. The thick bottom area with the Apple logo is also going away, as are the black edges. Some say that the new iMacs will resemble the Pro Display XDR display, which is definitely slimmer than what we have today and would drastically modernize the design.Touchscreen: A touchscreen iMac would be an exciting addition. Whether it'd be used or enjoyed by everyone is another question, and adding Face ID to the mix would make it seem like a large iPad (but is that a bad thing?). You'll be displeased, however, to hear that Apple has owned a patent for a touchscreen panel for years and hasn't put it to use. 2021 could be the year. Touchscreen Display Illustration.

iMac 2021 Specs and Hardware

As of now, the rumors point to the entry-level iMac having a 24-inch, 5K display (like the current 27-inch iMac), and the larger one possibly as big as 32 inches at 6K (just like the Pro Display XDR). This is doable without changing the physical size all that much since the plan, as stated above, is to have more of a minimal design that eliminates the thick black bezels and Apple-branded chin.

Based on what we know currently, we can surmise that the smaller, base model will come with Apple's M1 chip and possibly the same RAM and storage as the current one: 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage. The larger iMac will most likely begin with the same RAM and SSD size, but some speculate that we could see a next-gen chip like M1X with as many as 16 power cores and 4 efficiency cores. However, if we base this off of the rumored specs of upcoming MacBook Pro, it could cap out at 12 cores.

If you need a refresher, Apple's M1 chip has 4 power cores and 4 efficiency cores. An upgraded chip in the 2021 iMac could have 2x or 4x the power cores, making it that much more powerful. It's very exciting to see what this will look like in action.

All of this will be become clearer as official news and reliable leaks come out, so be sure to bookmark this page for updates.

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