Karaoke USA GF840 Review 2021


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Karaoke USA GF840

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

What We Like

Lightweight for its size

Easy to set up

7” Color Screen

Built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker

Key changer and echo for adjusting vocal range.

Built-in CD/ DVD player

What We Don't Like


Slightly outdated

The Karaoke USA GF840 is a fun, reliable, ready to go all-in-one Karaoke machine that records audio, plays music, and offers DVD playback during performances, boasting multiple ways to get the party started.

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Karaoke USA GF840

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

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We purchased the Karaoke USA GF840 so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Looking for a great all-in-one karaoke machine that doesn't require ordering extra mics or downloading additional features? Look no further than the Karaoke USA GF840, all you need in one box to get the party started. When shopping for a great model you'll want to make sure you have everything you need to plug in and go, including multiple microphones and options for mixing, recording, and playback. The Karaoke USA GF840 comes with everything you need right in the box.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Design: Minimal and tasteful, with a vintage feel

Karaoke USA is like a party packed into a compact karaoke machine. Unboxed, this machine stands a little over a foot tall and fits comfortably in any home entertainment center or coffee table. It's matte black finish, chrome-colored speaker and built-in 7” touch screen are reminiscent of classic audio equipment and made us nostalgic for our favorite classic songs.

Wherever your music is stored, the Karaoke GF840 has you covered.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Setup Process: Done in minutes

Setup of the Karaoke USA GF840 is relatively simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. Inside the box, you'll find the karaoke unit, two wired microphones, a standard AC Power cable, and the RCA cables needed to connect to your television.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Performance and Connectivity: Huge array of options

The Karaoke GF840 offers multiple ways to sing, record, play, and mix music. You might think,"It's 2019, who still owns CDs?"Not limited by one antique format, the Karaoke GF840 lets you pull music from a huge range of media, offering options for singing and mixing from older analog solutions or via Bluetooth from your phone or smart device. Perhaps you have your own mix on Soundcloud or a USB stick packed full of your favorite tunes—wherever your music is stored, the Karaoke GF840 has you covered.

Microphone quality is crisp and clean, offering echo and voice controls including a variety of options for mixing and recording sound.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Microphone Quality: Excellent clarity

The GF840 comes equipped with two standard microphones that plug directly into the unit, unlike other models which require you to purchase additional mics for duets. Microphone quality is crisp and clean, offering echo and voice controls including a variety of options for mixing and recording sound. 

Price: Worth the investment

The Karaoke GF840 clocks in at a retail cost of $137, and after testing this model against other options we think it's worth the price. It offers the user more options than many cheaper karaoke machines, with all the extras included in the box instead of requiring additional purchases down the line.

Karaoke GF840 vs the Singing Machine SML385BTBK

The major differences between these two machines are the bells and whistles. If a duet karaoke party is what you have in mind, the GF840 is the unit for you, due to the fact that multiple microphones are included. Both machines are relatively plug and play, but the Singing Machine SML385BTBK comes with far fewer extras (though also costs nearly half as much as the GF840, at around $70). If visual playback and DVD quality visuals are also what you had in mind for a more theatrical experience, the Karaoke GF840 is the right choice.

Singing Machine SML385BTBK Karaoke ReviewFinal Verdict

The bells and whistles are worth the price.

Karaoke GF840 is a plug and play karaoke machine that will bring you hours of entertainment. The cost of the machine aligns well with the features on offer and is ultimately a great value for the overall experience.


Product Name GF840 Product Brand Karaoke USA MPN GF840 Price $137.00 Weight 13 lbs. Product Dimensions 13 x 11 x 6 in. Inputs/Outputs AUX, USB