Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari on macOS 2023


Many Safari users initially use the program's menu system for navigating the internet and performing other browser tasks, but using Safari shortcuts can save time and clicks. Here are a few of the most commonly used shortcuts for Safari on a Mac.

Jurgita Vaicikeviciene / EyeEm / Getty Images

Safari Shortcuts for Moving Around on a Page

Option+arrow: Scroll page by a screenful, minus a small overlap.Command+up arrow or home: Scroll to top left corner of a web page.Command+down arrow or end: Scroll to the bottom left corner of a web page.Page up or shift+space bar: Scroll the page up by a screenful, minus a small overlap.Page down or space bar: Scroll the page down by a screenful, minus a slight overlap.

Safari Shortcuts for Navigating the web

Command+home: Go to your homepage.Command+[link on a web page]: Open the selected link in a new window.Command+shift+[link on a web page]: Open the selected link in a new window behind the current window.Option+[link on a web page]: Download a file.

Commands in Safari

Command+[number from 1 to 9]: Select one of the first nine tabs.Command+A: Select all.Command+C: Copy.Command+E: Use current selection for the Find feature.Command+F: Find.Command+G: Find next.Command+M: Minimize.Command+N: Open a new window.Command+O: Open file.Command+P: Print.Command+Q: Quit Safari.Command+R: Reload page.Command+S: Save as.Command+T: Open new tab.Shift+command+T: Reopen the tab you just closed.Command+V: Paste.Command+W: Close window.Command+Z: Undo.Command+shift+G: Find previous.Command+shift+Z: Redo.

Favorites and Bookmarks Shortcuts

Command+shift+D: Add a bookmark to the menu.Command+option+B: Show all bookmarks.Command+D: Add a bookmark.

Shortcuts for Views

Command+control+1: Show/hide Bookmarks sidebar.Command+control+2: Show/hide Reading list sidebar.Command+option+D: Show/hide Apple dock.Command+option+U: Show source code and other developer options (provided Show develop menu is enabled in Preferences > Advanced).Command+H: Hide Safari.Command+L: Open Favorites.Command+?: Load Help.Command+,: Load Preferences.