Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars Cheats for Xbox 360 2021


Based on the popular Star Wars and Lego franchises, Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars has cheat codes that unlock every character, weapon, and vehicle in the game. If you want to earn every achievement, then you'll definitely need the extra help.

These cheats are for the Xbox 360 version of Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. There are also cheats for Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars on PS3 and the Nintendo Wii version.

Cheat Codes for Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

Gordon Tarpley / Flickr / CC 2.0

To enter cheat codes, pause the game and go to the Options menu, then select Enter Code.

Lego Star Wars 3 Unlockables A-D

UnlockableCheat CodeAATC9PRKPAayla Secura2VG95BAdi GalliaG2BFENAdmiral Ackbar (Classic)272Y9QAdmiral YularenNG6PYXAhsoka2VJ9THAnakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena)9AA4DWAnakin SkywalkerF9VUYJAnakin's Jedi StarfighterRCTFLVArc-170 Starfighter (Rapid Fire)ZY3AE2Asajj VentressYG9DD7AT-AP WalkerAA279HAT-RTZ7H46TAT-TEVBEZEZAurra SingM2V1JVBail OrganaGEHX6CBARC SpeederYMWV33Barriss OffeeBTVTZ5Battle Droid CommanderLSU4LJBattle Droid5Y7MA4Bib Fortuna9U4TF3Bobba Fett (Classic)TY2BYJBoilQ5Q39PBossk2KLW5RC-3PO574226Cad BaneNHME85Captain Antilles (Classic)D8SNGJCaptain RexMW3QYHCaptain TyphoGD6FX3Chancellor Palpatine5C62YQCharacter Studs2D5GNMChewbacca (Classic)66UU3TClone PilotHQ7BVDClone Shadow Trooper (Classic)7GFNCQClone TrooperNP5GTTCommander Bly7CB6NSCommander CodySMN259Commander FilU25HFCCommander PondsJRPR2ACommando DroidQEGU64Commando Stone5XZQSVCount DookuEWR7WM

Lego Star Wars 3 Unlockables D-J

UnlockableCheat CodeDark SideX1V4N2Darth Maul (Classic)QH68AKDarth Sidious (Classic)QXY5XNDarth Vader (Classic)FM4JB7Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic)NMJFBLDestroyer Droid9MUTS2Dr. Nuvo VindiMB9EMWDual WieldC4ES4RDwarf Spider DroidNACMGGEchoJB9E5SEeth KothWUFDYAFast BuildGCHP7SGammorean GuardWSFZZQGeneral Grievous7FNU4TGeonosian GuardGAFZUDGeonosian Solar SailorPJ2U3RGeonosian StarfighterEDENECGlow In The Dark4GT3VQGold Super Battle Droid2C8NHPGonk DroidC686PKGrand Moff TarkinNH2405Greedo (Classic)FUW4C2H-Type Nubian Yacht77QEJLHailfire DroidT7XF9ZHan Solo (Classic)KFDBXFHeavy Super Battle DroidG65KJJHeavy Weapons Clone TrooperWXUTWYHELIOS 3D4AXTY4HevyEUB8UGHondo Hohnaka5A7XYXHyena BomberNPGG24IG-86EABPCPImperial Guard (Classic)5W6FGDInvincibilityJ46P7AJango Fett5KZQ4DJar Jar BinksMESPTSJedi ShuttleHRX2UKJekAYREC9

Lego Star Wars 3 Unlockables K-N

UnlockableCheat CodeKi-Adi-MundiHGBCTQKit FitsoPYWJ6NKit Fitso's Jedi StarfighterH68D3KLando Calrissian (Classic)ERAEWELEP Servant DroidSM3Y9BLieutenant Thire3NEUXCLok DurdTKCYUZLuke Skywalker (Classic)PG73HFLuminara UunduliMKUYQ8Lurman VillagerR35Y7NLuxury DroidV4WMJNMace Windu8NVRWJMagnaguard StarfighterHJ5HHDMagnaGuard2KEF2DMedical Frigate (Torpedoes)BET7CUMinikit DetectorCSD5NAMSE-6S6GRNZNahdar VebbZKXG43Neimodian Shuttle6LT4QLNeimoidianBJB94JNute GunrayQFYXMC

Lego Star Wars 3 Unlockables O-R

UnlockableCheat CodeObi-Wan Kenobi (Classic)FFBU5MObi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena)5U9FJKObi-Wan KenobiJ9HNF9Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter25FMVTOG-9 Homing Spider Droid7NEC36Onaconda FarrDB7ZQNPadme Amidala (Geonosian Arena)SZ824QPadme Amidala8X87U6Perfect Deflect3F5L56Pirate RuffianBH2EHUPirate Saucer (Missiles)Z567HRPirate Speeder Tank3NQGYLPlo KoonBUD4VUPlo Koon's Jedi StarfighterL4LCDVPoggle The Lesser4592WMPrincess Leia (Classic)2D3D3LProbe DroidU2T4SPQueen NeeyutneeZQRN85Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic)LKHD3BR2-D2RZ5HUVR3-S6Z87PAUR4-P175MXSYAR6-H57PMC3CRebel Commando (Classic)PZMQNKRegenerate Hearts2D7JNSRepublic Attack ShuttleBQCXWRRepublic Cruiser (Missiles and Torpedoes)J3MFJZRepublic Dropship (Rapid Fire)J2JNDDRepublic GunshipC7M3DURobonino2KLW5RRX-200 TankP8Z9M5Rys4PTP53

Lego Star Wars 3 Unlockables S-Y

UnlockableCheat CodeSavage OpressMELL07Score X2YZPHUVScore X443T5E5Score X6SEBHGRScore X8BYFSAQScore X10N1CKR1Senate Commando (Republic)S4Y7VWSenate CommandoEPBPLKSenator KharrusEA4E9SSenator Philo9Q7YCTShahan AlamaG4N7C2Sionver Boll5C62YQSlave IKDDQVDSoulless One (Rapid Fire)7RL23GSTAP59UU88Starhawk Speeder Bike3RE9XVStealth Ship (Missiles and Torpedoes)XPY46KStormtrooper (Classic)HPE7PZStud Magnet6MZ5CHStud Multiplier X10N1CKR1Super Battle DroidMJKDV5Super Saber CutBS828KSuper SpeedersB1D3W3Super TankRYLVNWTee Watt KaaFYVSHDThe Halo (Rapid Fire)MHG3XBThe TwilightT4K5L4Trident Assault Craft (Missiles and Torpedoes)JSBLJSTurk FalsoHEBHW5Tuscan Raider (Classic)GC2XSATX-20PE7FGDUndead GeonosianQGENFDV-19 Torrent StarfighterAKA9BBVader's Apprentice (Classic)EGQQ4VVulture Droid7W7K7SWag TooVRUVSZWat TamborZP8XVHWaxerBNJE79Wedge Antilles (Classic)DRGLWSWhorm Loathsom4VVYQVWorkout Clone TrooperMP9DREXanadu Blood (Rapid Fire)LQ2SVTY-Wing StarfighterXTL6Y3YodaCSQTMB

Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars Achievements

Earn every achievement by completing these challenges.

TrophyHow to UnlockA presence I've not felt sinceCollect all mini-kits (single-player only).Abandon ship!Complete Destroy Malevolence.Admiral of the fleetConverts every system to the Republic (single-player only).Another bug huntComplete Legacy of Terror.Are all Jedi so reckless?Complete Jedi Crash.Attack of the clones!Deploy 500 Clones.Blending inHave all your party members disguised as Senate Commandos in Hostage Crisis (story mode only).Cheat!Collect all Red Power Bricks (single-player only).Clanker collectorUnlock/purchase all 'Droid' characters (single-player only).Field commanderUsing the Radio ability, command troops 50 times.Finders KeepersHijack 20 enemy units in Ground Battles.Follow me, boys!Complete Duel of the Droids.Goldie BlocksOverheat and destroy 50 gold LEGO bricks.Got a bad feeling about thisLand on the Invisible Hand.Great shot kidDestroy an enemy building with a proton torpedo.Impressive, most impressiveComplete the game to 100% (single-player only).Isn't negotiation the Jedi way?Complete all Bounty missions (single-player only).It ain't like dusting crops boyComplete 5 Loop the loops, 5 Back flips, 5 corkscrews.Jango's army!Unlock/purchase all 'Clone' characters (single-player only).Jedi MasterTrue Jedi every level (single-player only).Land-o CalrissianOn a flying level, land a space ship while controlling Lando Calrissian.Liberation!Complete Liberty on Ryloth.Me'sa rescued youComplete Gungan General.Not so tough now are ya Sparky?Complete Rookies.Okay clankers, suck lasers!Complete Ambush.Oops. What happened?Complete Blue Shadow Virus.R6 take me homeComplete Lair of Grievous.Saberang MasterUse Yoda to defeat 5 enemies with one lightsaber throw.Stealth wealthCollect all Gold bricks (single-player only).Sure, as long as I get paidComplete Hostage Crisis.Tank 'n' SpankComplete Weapons Factory.That's no moonComplete Battle of Genosis.The Chosen OneCollect all Trophies.The dark side I sense in youFree all villains from the Resolute brig (single-player only).The Force is with youComplete a story level without dying (and no invincibility cheat).The pleasure is all mine my dearComplete The Hidden Enemy.There goes my promotionComplete Defenders of Peace.They'll never see us comingWin 3 consecutive Arcade Mode Battles.This is just the beginning!Complete Genosian Arena.Time to take the capitalComplete Innocents of Ryloth.Torpedoes away!Complete Shadow of Malevolence.Twice the pride, double the fallDefeat Anakin with Count Dooku.UH OH!Using the Force, take control of a Super Battle Droid and destroy 50 other Droids.Viceroy of the fleetConverts every system to CIS (single-player only).We live to fight another dayComplete Grievous Intrigue.We really did say no prisonersDestroy 100 Droids with the Clone Chain-gun.What a Rotta!Complete Castle of Doom.You can have my ship!Complete Storm Over Ryloth.Zillo ToleranceComplete Zillo Beast.