Logitech Z623 Speaker Review 2022


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Logitech Z623 Speaker System

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

What We Like


Great for watching movies

Booming bass

What We Don't Like

Mids and highs get drowned out

Heavy and hard to move around

Proprietary connectors

The Logitech Z623 are solid, affordable entry-level speakers, especially if you're looking to sit back and watch some movies. However, when listening to music, detail bleeds out, making them a hard sell for audiophiles.

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Logitech Z623 Speaker System

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

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We purchased the Logitech Z623 so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Logitech Z623 is almost the definition of a standard mid-range computer speaker, consisting of two 200W satellite speakers powered by a small subwoofer. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as they get loud and produce some decently clear audio. It's enough to satisfy the multimedia needs of the average user who plans to use it for movies and games, though more dedicated audiophiles may turn up their nose.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Design: Standard, but that's ok

At this point, Logitech has a formula laid out for its computer speakers. You get two moderately attractive satellite speakers that are plugged into a subwoofer. The only difference with the Logitech Z623 is that everything is just a bit bigger. Each satellite speaker is 7.7 inches tall and 5 inches thick, and the subwoofer is massive, measuring 11.2 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

While that does allow for some pretty booming bass (we'll get into that later), it also means that these speakers are hard to move around. For instance, the subwoofer, by itself weighs a whopping 15.4 pounds. These are the kind of speakers that you won't want to move around more than once.

The entire system is black, and at the top of each satellite speaker is THX branding, signifying these speakers are capable of some serious home theater sound. The subwoofer is a big block of wood and plastic, with a giant hole that reveals the actual woofer. However, because it doesn't move too much while in operation, you can justifiably put it under your desk.

As for ports, on the back of the subwoofer, you'll find the outputs to the satellite speakers, along with power, 3.5mm audio in and RCA inputs.

Proprietary connectors: A VGA connector in 2019?

Because everything is so big, setting up the Logitech Z623 is kind of a pain, and the proprietary connectors mean that if something goes wrong, you're out of luck. You see, you'll have to connect each satellite speaker into the subwoofer, which sounds fine on its own, but the left speaker—with the audio controls and power button—connects to the subwoofer via a VGA connector. However, the right speaker connects via a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Just keep in mind that if you get the Logitech Z623, you won't be able to upgrade any part of them in the future, and will likely have to buy a whole new set of speakers if something goes wrong.

This means that if you blow out one of the speakers, you won't be able to replace it easily, and it also means you can't repurpose the sub later, which is probably why the connectors are set up in this way.

However, this approach is also the reason why you're conveniently able to control the Logitech Z623 through the left satellite speaker. Just keep in mind that if you get the Logitech Z623, you won't be able to upgrade any part of them in the future, and will likely have to buy a whole new set of speakers if something goes wrong.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Music Quality: All about that bass

The subwoofer on the Z623 is absolutely massive—it has a power capacity of 130W all by itself, which is more than half of the RMS power rating (a formula used to calculate how much continuous power a speaker can handle). While this means that the bass is seriously impressive, it also means that the tweeters just can't keep up.

Each satellite speaker is rated at 35W, so the highest points of your music aren't exactly going to be crisp. This will definitely be a problem if you plan to listen to classical music or any other genre where detail is more important than the beat.

To test the Z623 we used Tidal, with the “Master” audio quality setting, through the Audioengine D1 DAC (digital-to-analog converter), so there was nothing holding the Logitech Z623 back in terms of quality.

Whether you're watching “Game of Thrones” or trying to catch up to all the Marvel movies, the Z623 can provide a cinematic experience.

While listening to Amy Winehouse's “Rehab”, the driving beat reverberates through the room, and we could feel the bassline in our chest. It's just a shame that the violin sounded a little muddy behind the vocals. Moving on to “Mona Lisa” by Lil' Wayne, this was obviously more the Z623's speed. The piano and synths were still perfectly audible, but that slow, menacing beat is obviously at center stage.

Another obvious genre for these speakers is metal, so next on the list was “The Shooting Star” by Gojira. This track has an absolutely wide soundstage that comes alive on the Logitech Z623s. The heavy guitar, bass, and kick drum come in with a vengeance, and the vocals remain clear. There is little in this track that isn't on the low end, so everything sounds remarkable.

Overall, music is passable on the Logitech Z623, but you won't be able to sit back and enjoy your favorite piece of classical music or extract every juicy detail out of that Joanna Newsom album. But for people who just want to crank up the volume and listen to the loudest hip-hop and metal tracks, the Logitech Z623 speakers can definitely serve your needs.

Ach5 / Jordan Provost

Movie and Game Quality: A great all-rounder

The real star of the show here is film, which shouldn't come as a surprise that these speakers have THX certification. Watching the “Sonic the Hedgehog: and the “Dark Phoenix” trailers was a mind-blowing experience—it legitimately felt like we were in a movie theater. 

Whether you're watching “Game of Thrones” or trying to catch up to all the Marvel movies, the Z623 can provide a cinematic experience. In fact, we could see ourselves hooking these speakers up to our TV, rather than our computers, as the audio can easily fill our living room.

The Logitech Z623 speakers are obviously geared more towards watching movies or playing games than actually listening to music.

This obviously continues to gaming, where games like The Division 2 were a blast when all the explosions and gunfire feel like they're happening right in front of your face. Short of the Razer Nari headset—a headset that vibrates—we haven't had a cinematic gaming experience like this in a long time.

The Logitech Z623 speakers are obviously geared more towards watching movies or playing games than actually listening to music. If that's what you prefer, then you'll find a lot to love here. Just don't expect an audiophile experience.

Price: A bargain deal

Considering what the Logitech Z623 can do from a home theater perspective, the $149 (MSRP) price tag is incredibly reasonable. You're getting a set of speakers that will bring your favorite content to life, without having to break the bank.

Obviously, you can find a setup similar to the Logitech Z623 for less (even Logitech's own Z337), but you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding set for less money. Of course, at this price point, you could just go for a pair of bookshelf speakers, instead, which may be the best option for music lovers.

Logitech Z623 vs. Edifier R1280T

When you're spending upwards of a hundred bucks on the best computer speakers, bookshelf speakers inevitably become part of the conversation. The $99 Edifier R1280T bookshelf speakers make for a compelling alternative to the Logitech Z623, especially if you listen to more music than you watch movies.

Now, these speakers aren't quite as powerful—only capable of a 42W RMS power output, but what they lack in power they make up for in detail. These won't shake the room, but your music will sound so much better, thanks in large part to the 13mm tweeters and 106mm woofers on each speaker.

Ultimately, the best choice for you is going to depend on what you're looking for, Do you want a neutral set of speakers that will reveal all the details of your music? Go with the Edifier 1280T. Do you want a cinematic experience when watching your favorite movies? The Logitech Z623 will be your best bet.

Final Verdict

Good speakers, fair price.

The Logitech Z623 is absolutely worth the price of admission, especially if you're into watching big Hollywood blockbusters and playing the latest AAA video games. You're getting booming, cinematic bass with satellite speakers that are clear enough to watch movies. They aren't quite the cream of the crop when it comes to listening to music, but that's more than fair for the price.

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Product Name Z623 Speaker System Product Brand Logitech UPC 097855066466 Price $149.99 Weight 15.4 lbs. Product Dimensions 11.2 x 12 x 10.5 in. Color Black Wired/Wireless wired Warranty 2-year