MacBook Pro : News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors 2022


Two new MacBook Pros are expected in 2021 to replace the current 13-inch and 16-inch models. Rumor has it they'll lose the Touch Bar but gain MagSafe charging, a new M-series chip, additional ports, and an upgraded display.

When Will the MacBook Pro 2021 Be Released?

The current estimate is both a 14-inch and 16-inch model will launch sometime between April and September 2021.

Ach5's Release Date Estimate

Right now, our best guess is this summer. It's unclear how the pandemic will affect production, but Q2 through Q3 is a wide timeframe, so cutting it down the middle is a safe bet right now.

MacBook Pro 2021 Price Rumors

Price is one of those things that's hard to predict, and it's often pointless to make up a number this early in the game. All we know right now is what the current MacBook Pros cost.

The 16-inch model starts at $2,399, so that's a good indicator of where the next MacBook Pro is headed. As for the smaller model, it'd only make sense it'd be less than the 16". For comparison, the existing 13-inch model begins at $1,299.

Pre-Order Information

You'll know when we know more. As the release date nears, we'll have a better understanding of when you can pre-order it.

The Latest News About MacBook Pro 2021

You can get more laptop news from Ach5. Below are current rumors and other news stories about Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro:

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MacBook Pro 2021 Features

Love for the Touch Bar in the current MacBook Pro isn't something everyone agrees on—some adore it, and some hate it. What seems clear from the current rumors is Apple will be abolishing it. Physical function keys will be the new norm.

As you can see, Apple news writer and leaker Mark Gurman says the company also plans to bring MagSafe to the 2021 models and a new M-series chip, and some design changes.

MacBook Pro 2021 Specs and Hardware

It appears Apple won't be making any massive design improvements with these new MacBooks. The 14" version will likely look very similar to the current 13" MacBook Pro but have smaller side bezels.

However, there will be some hardware changes. Apple is moving away from Intel chips, and the MacBook Pro 2021 will use Apple Silicon. According to LeaksApplePro, it's tentatively called M1X and has 12 cores. Since Apple designs them, we can only hope that reduced costs translate into a reasonably priced MacBook.

As you read above, MagSafe is apparently coming, too. This wireless, magnetic charging method was introduced with the 2006 MacBook Pro but was phased out due to USB-C. Recently, Apple upgraded the tech and included it in the iPhone 12 series. This newer version (for the iPhone) doubles the power output to 15 W, so you can expect faster charging on the upcoming MacBook Pro, too.

That said, you can still expect USB-C support for things like flash drives and charging your phone. However, one thing you'll be able to set aside is your USB-C to SD card reader. If you transfer media this way, you'll be pleased to know Apple is most likely bringing back the SD card slot (and possibly other ports).

Something else we've heard floating around is the 2021 MacBook Pro will get a graphics boost. It's expected to be brighter with higher contrast due to a mini-LED display. According to MacRumors, this also means improved wide color gamut and truer blacks.

As we get closer to launch, we'll update this page with a full specs list and new rumors and confirmations.