Manage Your Browsing History in Safari for the iPhone 2022


The Safari web browser on your iPhone keeps a log of web pages that you visit. If you want to clear your search history, you can do so through Safari or your iPhone's Settings app.

These procedures work for iOS 13 and all recent versions of the Apple mobile operating system.

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Clear Browsing History Using the Safari App

Here's how to delete your browsing history through the Safari app on your iOS device.

Open the Safari app and tap Bookmarks (the icon that looks like an open book) at the bottom.

Tap History (clock icon).

Select Clear, and then select All time to erase your browsing history completely. Alternatively, choose The last hour, Today, or Today and yesterday.

Depending on the setting you chose, you've deleted your browsing history.

To delete individual entries, instead of tapping Clear, swipe from right to left over the website you want to remove, and then choose Delete.

Clear Browsing History Using the Settings App

You also can delete your browsing history through your iOS device's Settings app.

Tap Settings and then scroll down and tap Safari.

Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.

In the confirmation box, tap Clear History and Data. You've deleted your Safari browsing history.

This method clears your entire browsing history, with no option to delete items selectively.