MediaFire Review 2022


MediaFire is an online storage service that offers unlimited bandwidth, over 50 GB of free storage, and easy access to upload and view your files on nearly any device.

MediaFire will give you 10GB upfront when you sign up for a free account, and there are a few ways you can get more free storage, like referring friends, downloading their software, or posting MediaFire links on social media. In total, you can actually get a little over 50 GB of free cloud storage.

MediaFireWhat We Like

Instant 10 GB of free storage

Upload files as large as 25 GB

No bandwidth limits

Can share files and folders with anyone

Mobile app

Can import files from a URL

Non-users can upload to your account

What We Don't Like

Must sign on to your account once a year to prevent expiration

Supported by advertisements

No option for bandwidth control when uploading files

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File Sharing with MediaFire

You can share any folder or file from your account with anyone. Recipients don't even need a MediaFire account to view and download your files—they are taken right to the download link.

One-time download links can be created and you can also specify for how many days the link is valid before expiring.

This free cloud storage service also lets you share multiple files without having to place them in their own folder, which can come in handy at times.

MediaFire Applications

Free iOS and Android apps are available that let you share the public download link for your data and well as upload images and videos from your device.

You can also just use the MediaFire website to upload files and folders directly to your account.

Thoughts on MediaFire

Our first impression of MediaFire is positive, and not only because of its free 50 GB. We appreciate how easy it is to upload files—it's just a folder you can drag and drop data to. The same folder can be used to see all your files in your account.

We especially like the FileDrop feature that's available for folders. We can see a use for this if others need to send you files that are too large to deliver over email. You can get email alerts and even subscribe to folder changes via RSS.

We've used MediaFire for a long time, but just to download files from others. Only recently have we started using it as online storage, and we're not surprised at how simple and intuitive the web app is.

We have a comparison table of the top cloud storage services we recommend. Take a look at it for a quick overview of the different features you'll get with Mediafire versus the other ones.