Nero Platinum Video and Multimedia Software Review 2022


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Nero Platinum Video and Multimedia Software

Ach5 / Todd Braylor Pleasants

What We Like

Six apps in one

Excels at burning your media to DVD

Supports HD and 4K video

What We Don't Like

2019 upgrades are largely focused on mobile

Has basic video parameter controls and limited features

No direct integration with social media

Nero Platinum packs a selection of different apps into one package and provides a number of multimedia solutions, be it DVD burning, converting media files, consolidating data on multiple devices, or editing video. We tested Nero Platinum to evaluate how the video editor stacks up against the competition, and how useful the other included apps are.

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Nero Platinum Video and Multimedia Software

Ach5 / Todd Braylor Pleasants

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We purchased the Nero Platinum Video and Multimedia Software so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Nero Platinum suite of apps has numerous uses that are designed to give the everyday user both control and a creative outlet. It aims to reduce the confusion and disorganization of having important files spread across multiple devices and to allow you to edit important media files like photos and videos to share with family and friends. The Nero Video app is the most powerful of the bundle, allowing you to import, edit, and export a wide variety of video files, including more specialized formats like H.265 and AVCHD. Nero Video also has some unique features like an easy-to-use automatic montage creator, as well as a more advanced timeline editor to compile your home movies or edit travel diaries for the ‘gram. 

Ach5 / Todd Braylor Pleasants

Design: Consolidate and create

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the media you've got stashed on your phone and PC, Nero has a solution. Enter Nero's Drive Span app, designed to allow you to easily consolidate all your files from different devices into a single place, like an external hard drive. It also lets you transfer your selected files without making duplicates. With your files consolidated, the MediaHome app lets you easily navigate or play them, which in turn pairs well with Nero Video.

Nero Video also has some unique features like an easy-to-use automatic montage creator, as well as a more advanced timeline editor to compile your home movies or edit travel diaries for the ‘gram.

The Nero Video software is designed to be used in direct combination with the MediaHome library and includes streaming features for showcasing your videos and slideshows. While Video is great for home movie and personal video compilation projects, it's not really designed to be used as a prosumer editing program. The interface is basic and welcoming to new users and like all the apps it features a Live Guide for reference, but it lacks some of the advanced features of other (more expensive) editing suites.

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Setup Process: Simple installation 

Nero Platinum is straightforward and simple to install. The software comes on a single disc and one program installs all the apps and Content Packs, which include the creative effects and movie themes for Nero Video, plus DVD disc menus and more. Onscreen instructions will walk you through the installation process and you will be ready to start editing, burning, and organizing your media in no time.

Ach5 / Todd Braylor Pleasants

Performance: Levels for everyone

Nero Video makes creating home movies and slideshows of your pictures and videos both personalized and simple, with a thousand templates and movie themes to choose from. It also has a feature that can easily import and display vertical videos taken on a smartphone to make them effortless to incorporate into a montage or home movie. Another easy-to-use feature with new editors in mind is the 1-Click Slideshow theme, which automatically selects from a host of different titles to include text at the start of a video and incorporate background music from your library.

When you open Nero Video you can import media from a camera or storage device, select from projects you may be working on, or burn a disc. The Nero Video Timeline is very easy to use and one of the most accessible we tested. The timeline workspace opens by default in the 'Express Editing' view, which shows a thumbnail pic for your different clips segments in your sequence. It's a nice way to keep track of your footage as you edit.

It's a budget multimedia package that's a decent deal for the video editor alone.

Unfortunately, the Express UI makes everything feel like the software is a bit behind the times with the way the clips are laid out as thumbnails with white space between, above, and below the footage. It looks and feels less sophisticated than other editors. Functionally, however, it does everything you want it to, and features recent developments in video editing capabilities like a magnetic snap feature. Plus, an 'Advanced Editing' mode gives you more editing features and changes the UI to a more complex track-based timeline, with multiple video tracks to layer and arrange your clips.

After completing a montage or video, you may be interested in burning it to a DVD. The Nero Burning app is easy to use and a good solution for users who want to burn different media files in different formats to one DVD without editing a sequence together. When burning to DVD you want to ensure all the files are video disc compatible, which the app will help you with by converting a selection of different formats you may have into an appropriate format all at once. It's as simple as dragging and dropping files to convert and then burning the disc.

Ach5 / Todd Braylor Pleasants

Price: Often on sale

Nero Platinum carries an MSRP of $49.95 but can often be found on sale for significantly cheaper. Amazon regularly sells the bundle for under $60 (as of this writing it's $57.72) and also frequently sells it for around the $40 mark. At that price, it's a budget multimedia package that's a decent deal for the video editor alone.

Nero Platinum 2019 vs. Movavi 15 Video Editor Personal Edition

Despite Nero Video's various features for creating shareable content for family and friends, it doesn't have a direct export setting to upload to social media sites like other many other video editors. If the feature to export as a direct upload to a site like YouTube would be significant to you, a program we have also tested called the Movavi 15 Video Editor may be worth checking out. Movavi 15 Video Editor Personal edition sells for $39.95, which is still quite cheap for video editing software.

Movavi is designed for editing personal footage like travel diaries, wedding videos, or birthday slideshows. Movavi can also quickly assist you in making a montage from multiple clips with its ‘Montage Wizard.' The full feature mode goes more in depth and lets you adjust a variety of video parameters or add effects, titles, graphics, emoji style stickers, and animations. Movavi has a bit more of an advanced interface than Nero Video, and the company also sells a selection of additional title templates, graphics, and animations on their website.

Movavi's export options have been designed specifically with YouTube users and vloggers in mind. You can export projects directly as an upload to YouTube which essentially combines the export rendering and upload process into one step. The Movavi export window even includes a YouTube specific form to add relevant information like a description and set the video's privacy.

Movavi 15 Personal Edition Video Editor ReviewFinal Verdict

Best for the home market, over-featured for some.

Nero Platinum is designed to provide easy to use editing and organizing software for your media files, and it largely does a good job in those departments. While each component individually may not be as fully featured as some competing products, for around $40 it's a broad, all-in-one multimedia management solution that will please casual users and may surprise some veteran editors. 


Product Name Nero Platinum 2019, The Multimedia King Operating system Windows Compatibility Nero Platinum is a multimedia suite including six different apps Minimum system requirements Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, 2 GHz AMD or Intel processor, 1 GB RAM and ­5 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components, Microsoft DirectX 9.0 compliant graphics card and ­DVD disc drive for installation and playback, CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc recordable or rewritable drive for burning, Windows Media Player 9 or higher and ­Internet Explorer 11 and higher, For some services an Internet connection is required, Ultra HD (4K) Editing requires 64 bit operating systems Price $40-$60