New MacBook Air: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors 2022


Will there be a MacBook Air released in 2021? Even though Apple released two in 2020 (the well-received M1 MacBook Air as recently as November), there's a lot of expectation another Air is coming this year. One with a slimmer, lighter design, an upgraded display, MagSafe charging, continued use of USB 4, and—hopefully—a better webcam.

When Will the New MacBook Air Be Released?

There are mixed reports (guesses, if we're being honest) about when the MacBook Air will arrive. The respected analyst and serial leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo, said last year we'd probably not see the new MacBook Air until late 2021 and then adjusted his estimate to be 2022. However, other reports estimate a 2021 release.

Ach5's Release Date Estimate

Our best guess with what we know right now is late 2021 or early 2022. The last two models came out in March and November, and since we don't expect a spring release, the next best timeline puts it at November of this year. March 2022 will be our next guess if it's not out by Nov 2021.

New MacBook Air Price Rumors

Kuo's perspective is that one focus of the upcoming MacBook Air is to bring the price down. If that's referring to the new laptop, it could be at a lower price than the current base model: $999. 

Other reports suggest that since we expect it to be thinner and lighter than the 2020 model, it will be a premium version of the current lineup (and therefore more expensive). Apple will keep the existing models as entry-level offerings.

Pre-Order Information

We'll know more about when you can pre-order the new MacBook Air once we hear official news about its release from Apple.

The Latest News About the New MacBook Air

You can get more laptop news from Ach5. Below are current rumors and other news stories about the upcoming Air:

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New MacBook Air Features

New features are hard to predict with absolute certainty this early without details from Apple, but here's what most of the rumors are saying:

1080p camera: The current MacBook Air contains a 720p FaceTime HD webcam, basically the same one from the last several models. It came with an improved image processor, which Apple might upgrade again this year, but we'd like to see an even better 1080p camera in this one.Magnetic power adapter: Apple last used MagSafe in the 2017 Air, but since we'll likely see its return with the 2021 MacBook Pro, it's safe to say that the same tech will ship with the new MacBook Air.Mini-LED: Like the company's other products, Apple might upgrade the display with mini-LED. This upgrade carries the possibility of thinner displays supporting things like darker blacks, better contrast, brighter colors, and better power efficiency.Apple Silicon: They upgraded the current model in 2020 with the Apple M1 chip, so we may see another upgrade with the new MacBook Air. It could be the M1X chip or a next-gen version depending on the laptop's release date.Why You Should Care About Silicon Macs

New MacBook Air Specs and Hardware

It'll most likely keep the 13-inch screen, but the overall laptop will be slimmer due to smaller bezels. Some early rumors were claiming a 15-inch version, but according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, that idea is apparently no longer on the table,

Beyond the MagSafe addition mentioned above, rumors say the new MacBook Air will include two USB 4 ports. Previous models came with 8 GB of RAM with the option to upgrade to 16 GB and storage that maxed out at 2 TB; we expect those specs to remain.

Bookmark this page for updates! New details often emerge, especially now during the rumor stages. When official news or more reliable stories come out, we'll update this page.