PlayStation Portable 3000 Specifications 2022


The Sony PSP 3000 was the second redesign of the once-popular PlayStation Portable handheld gaming console. The 3000 was released in October 2008 with better color than its predecessor, improved sound output, and built-in Skype capabilities. The PSP line was never able to successfully compete with Nintendo's Gameboy line of handheld game consoles, which had a much earlier start in the handheld market, but it managed to sell over 80 million units during its lifespan. Here are the technical specifications of the PSP 3000.

While the PlayStation Vita replaced the PSP in 2011, Sony didn't discontinue PSP hardware production until 2014.

PSP 3000 Specifications

The technical specifications for the PSP 3000 are:

External Dimensions

Approximately 6 3/4 inches by 3/4 inch by 2 3/4 inches


Approximately 6.7 ounces including the battery pack


PSP CPU, system clock speed 333 MHz

Main Memory

64 MB


4.3 inches diagonally, 16:9 aspect ratio, full-transparent typeTFT driveDimensions are 480 by 272 pixels Approximately 16,770,000 colors


Built-in stereo speakers

Main Input/Output

Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11b Wi-FiHigh-speed USB 2.0, mini-BMemory stick PRO DuoAnalog video outMicrophone

Main Connectors

DC IN 5V connectorDC OUT connectorVideo out/headset connectorUSB connectorMemory stick duo slot


Directional buttons (up/down/right/left)Analog stickAction buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square)Start buttonSelect buttonPS buttonPower/Hold switchWLAN switchDisplay buttonSound buttonVolume (+/-) buttons

Power Sources

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packAC adaptorUSB power supply

Internal Disc Drive

Read-only UMD drive

Supported Profile

PSP game UMD Video

Access Control

Region codeParental control

Wireless Communications

Infrastructure modeAd hoc mode (connects up to 16 consoles)

Supplied Accessories

AC adaptorBattery pack (1200 mAh)