Postal 2 Cheat Codes for PC 2021


Postal 2 is a first-person shooter with a dark sense of humor. Like most PC games, Postal 2 has cheat codes that unlock extra weapons, invincibility, and other secrets.

These cheats work in all versions of Postal 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Postal 2 Cheat Codes

To activate cheats, press the tilde key (~) or the @ key to display the cheat console, then type sissy.

You can then enter the following codes in the console.

EffectCheat CodeGod mode (invincibility)alamodeAll weaponspacknheatExtra ammunition for current weaponspayloadAll weapons, maximum ammunition, and invincibilityiamsolameExtra doughnutspiggytreatsExtra moneyjewsforjesusExtra dog treatsboyandhisdogExtra catnipiamtheoneExtra cats for silencerslotsapussyExtra health pipesjonesAll radar itemsswimwithfishesRocket camerasfireinyourholeBody armorblockmyassGimp suitsmackdatassPolice uniformiamthelawFull health and four medkitshealthfulNPCs become Gary ColemanwhatchutalkinboutNPCs become fanaticsosamaGuns that use cat silencers shoot catsrockincatsDisable cat shooting gunsdokkincatsNo clipping (walk through walls)ifeelfreeFlight modelikeabirdyDisable flight and no clippingwalkSlow motionslomoDisable slow motionslomo 1Set errand complete/turn on hate player groupsSetThisErrandComplete(errand name)Set all of indicated day's errands complete/turn on hate player groupsSetThisDaysErrandsComplete(day number)Set all of the current day's errands as complete/turn on hate player groupsSetTodaysErrandsComplete()Reset all errands/ turn off hate groupsSetAllErrandsUnComplete()Set all errands completeSetAllErrandsComplete()Set/reload the dayWarpToDay(day number)Select levelGoto(level name)Change player to opposite moralityChangeDude()Reset police and wanted statusResetCops()Play demo indefinitelyset gamestate demotime 9999Stop all non-player animationsplayersonlyScissors machine gunnowwedanceOne shot killsheadshots Ricocheting cat bulletsboppincats Disable ricocheting catssplodincatsSwitch to third-person viewbehindview 1Switch back to first-person viewbehindview 0

Cheats do not work while playing online.

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