Scosche ReVolt Dual Review 2022


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Scosche ReVolt Dual USBC242M

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

What We Like

Low-profile design

Robust construction

Supports two devices at once

Blue LED illumination for both USB ports

Color options to match popular smartphones

Affordable price

What We Don't Like

LED illumination can't be disabled

The Scosche ReVolt Dual charger has a low-profile design matched with a sturdy all-plastic construction. The slim profile gives you a pair of fast charging 2.4A ports at an affordable price.

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Scosche ReVolt Dual USBC242M

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

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We purchased the Scosche ReVolt Dual so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Scosche ReVolt Dual is a car charger with two USB ports, a slim design, mid-range price tag, and a 12W fast charge capability. It's an impressive list of specs for a fairly affordable price. Most noteworthy is that not only does the ReVolt Dual boast 5V/2.4A per port, it manages to do so in a slim, but sturdy body. Aside from some minor quibbles, we were impressed with what the Dual had to offer.

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

Design: Low-profile and unobtrusive

The ReVolt Dual's standout feature is its relative low profile. That means it doesn't protrude much from your car's 12V charge port. Push the ReVolt Dual into the socket, though, and you're greeted by blue LED light that illuminates both USB ports. Scosche call these “Glow-Ports.” They're a great feature when searching for the ports in the dark, however, if you're the kind of person who cares about keeping your car's interior looking original and cohesive, they can become annoying.

Small complaints about the Glow-Ports' blue lighting scheme aside, the ReVolt Dual's design is a nice one. We especially like the side springs that keep the ReVolt wedged in the car's 12V socket. Without the side springs, some chargers won't remain in place, so they're a nice feature to have.

We especially like the side springs that keep the ReVolt wedged in the car's 12V socket.

Finally, the ReVolt Dual receives points for its sturdy plastic construction. The face of the ReVolt is matte black, and the body ringed by black plastic. It's a nice touch and makes the unit look more premium.

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

Performance: 12W fast charging for two devices

Not all in-car USB chargers are created equal. Aside from design, everything comes down to charging speed. As we've mentioned before the ReVolt Dual has two USB ports, both of which can charge at 5V/2.4A, for a total 12W output per USB port. Some manufacturers on Amazon misleadingly label these is 24W, adding up the output of both ports, as in the case of RAVPower.

Overall, that's a pretty average level of fast charging. It's not quite as quick as Samsung Fast Charging or OnePlus Dash Charging which vary the voltage and amperage, but it'll top up your phone or other devices faster than a standard adapter. 

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

Price: A mid-range price

Scosche's manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the ReVolt is $19.99. This puts it well below some of the fancier $50 units on the market. What's more, it matches a lot of the other fast-charging adapters in speed, while undercutting them on price.

Most noteworthy is that not only does the ReVolt Dual boast 5V/2.4A per port, it manages to do so in a slim, but sturdy body.

That said, many of the less expensive fast-charge units don't have the near-flush design of the ReVolt Dual. So if compact design is more of a plus for you than price, the ReVolt Dual is well valued. If you're simply looking for fast charging above all else, you can find faster options that are certified for Power Delivery or Qualcomm standards. 

Ach5 / Nick Jaynes

Competition: Slim design, but heftier price tag

The RAVPower 24W charger is the main rival to the ReVolt Dual. It has a metal exterior, a highly affordable $6.99 price tag, and 5V/2,4A power output per USB port. Despite seeming like a bargain, RAVPower's construction is far less robust than the ReVolt Dual. The metal body protrudes from the 12V socket, and the shell also separates easily from the internal components. The ReVolt Dual's plastic body remained intact, even when put through rough usage.

The other big rival to the ReVolt Dual also commands a big price. The Anker Roav VIVE has a $49.99 MSRP and comes with a slew of features that put it head and shoulders above rivals. With VIVA you get a bulky two-port USB car charger. It boasts navigation, voice-initiated calling, and music streaming—all with the help of Amazon Alexa. It's a nice choice if you want to make a dumb car a little smart, but if all you want is a basic charger the ReVolt Dual is the better, more affordable option.

The 6 Best Car Chargers of 2021Final Verdict

Surprisingly appealing

The Scosche ReVolt Dual has a slim design, robust construction, impressive power output, and sturdy side springs that keep it in place. The price could be a bit lower, but the quality spoke for itself. Despite some minor quibbles over the Glow-Ports, we find the ReVolt Dual to be easy to recommend.


Product Name ReVolt Dual USBC242M Product Brand Scosche SKU USBC152M Price $19.99 Product Dimensions 1.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 in. Compatibility Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Warranty 1 year Ports 2 Waterproof No