Syma S111G RC Helicopter Review 2022


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Syma S111G RC Helicopter

Ach5 / Sandra Stafford

What We Like

USB rechargeable

Bright LEDs

Flight controls are easy to use

Excellent handling

Replacement parts available

Great value

What We Don't Like

Should be kept indoors

No batteries included

The Syma S111G RC Helicopter has excellent handling and speed for such an inexpensive helicopter, making it a great budget purchase that even serious helicopter hobbyists can enjoy.

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Syma S111G RC Helicopter

Ach5 / Sandra Stafford

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We purchased the Syma S111G RC Helicopter so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Syma S111G RC Helicopter earns its place even among more expensive helicopters with a durable build, great handling, and fairly long battery life. The price is low enough that you don't need to worry every time you crash it into the ceiling fan, and it is responsive enough that once you learn how to fly, the helicopter will keep up with your skill. Read on to see more about our testing.

Ach5 / Sandra Stafford

Design: Durable enough to withstand crashes

Helicopter enthusiasts will love the design of the S111G, which is based on the Eurocopter HH65 Dolphin used by the Coast Guard. A design like this is also helpful for inspiring the kinds of rescue missions that children like to do when playing with RC helicopters. Coaxial rotors ensure a stable hover, even when you attach a little weight like a plastic soldier. The durable red and white plastic body of the helicopter is relatively indestructible, and the blades stood up to a few crashes into kitchen cabinets and living room walls. If you're not crashing, you're not having fun, and when the blades inevitably do break, replacements for all breakable parts are available for less than $5.

Helicopter enthusiasts will love the design of the S111G, which is based on the Eurocopter HH65 Dolphin used by the Coast Guard.

Ach5 / Sandra Stafford

Setup Process: Fly within minutes

The controller for the S111G helicopter requires six AA batteries, which are not included in the purchase. It is a 3.5-channel helicopter, and adjusting the trimming, which calibrates the helicopter to hover without veering to the left or right, takes just a few minutes. While giving the helicopter just enough power that it begins to skitter along the floor, turn the vernier adjustment knob to the right if the helicopter is drifting to the right, or to the left if it is drifting left. This fine control allows the S111G to remain stable in the air. Once it is hovering well, you can start flying for real.

Performance: Great handling, but a little slow

The S111G has simple controls, and it is a lot of fun to fly. The lightweight little helicopter is quick to get off the ground and zipping around the room. More experienced flyers might find the forward movement a bit slow, but as beginners, we appreciated having a little reaction time to avoid crashing into the television. With an internal gyroscope, it was remarkably stable, and even as beginners, we were able to get it hovering and moving around obstacles in just a few minutes. We tried it outside and found it too unstable in the breeze, which is no surprise considering its tiny size and coaxial rotor build. You'll have more fun with this helicopter if you just keep it indoors.

We tried it outside and found it too unstable in the breeze, which is no surprise considering its tiny size and coaxial rotor build.

Ach5 / Sandra Stafford

Battery Life: Seven minutes of flight time

The S111G has a longer battery life than you usually see in more expensive RC helicopters, lasting around seven minutes on a full charge. Recharging the battery from empty takes 35-40 minutes, so you'll be in the air again in no time. The battery can be recharged from the controller if that is more convenient than an outlet.

While many of the more expensive helicopters on the market boast flight times of around five minutes, the S111G will fly for ten minutes on a full charge.

Price: Great budget buy

At under $30, this helicopter is an excellent value. For people relatively new to the hobby, the long flight time means you'll have more fun for your money. Inexpensive replaceable parts ensure that you can keep the cost of the hobby manageable. 

Syma S111G vs. Syma S107G

The S111G, at around $30, flies incredibly well thanks to the internal gyroscope. It can hover in place, maneuver around obstacles and through interconnected rooms, and has a decently long battery life considering these other factors. It is a great purchase if you are willing to spend a bit more for excellent handling.

The S107G is several dollars cheaper at around $22, with a very long battery life of nine or more minutes, and decent handling. It doesn't dart around the room as quickly or as accurately as the S111G, but it's a great intro to the hobby. If you have a bad habit of jumping all-in on a hobby and then giving it up after a couple of weeks, this helicopter is a great choice to see if your interest will last. We also think this is a good choice to give to children so they keep their hands off your more expensive toys.

Syma 107G RC Helicopter ReviewFinal Verdict

Best choice for a budget. 

The S111G is an excellent budget RC helicopter. For under $30 it has great handling, decent battery life with a quick recharge, and a durable build that will give you hours of fun without breaking.


Product Name S111G RC Helicopter Product Brand Syma MPN S111G Price $26.90 Product Dimensions 8.7 x 1.5 x 3.85 in. Warranty 30-day replacement policy