The 3 Best Samsung Soundbars of 2021


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The RundownBest Budget:Samsung HW-R450 at Amazon"The 2.1 channel HW-R450 is a soundbar that won't break the bank and it even includes a wireless subwoofer."Best for Small Setups:Samsung HW-MS750 at EBay"It's a great choice if you want to bolster a small movie setup."Best for Samsung TVs:Samsung HW-K360 at Amazon"At just over $200, you get a full-featured soundbar without the need to rack up your credit card bill."

The best Samsung soundbars should have great audio quality, an easy setup and pairing, and useful features that enhance the viewer experience. The more expensive soundbars offer features like wireless subwoofers, 7.1 channels rather than 2.1, and modes that can enhance audio. Our top pic for the cateogry is the Samsung HW-R450 (view on Amazon). It's an affordable 2.1 channel soundbar that includes a wireless subwoofer, it's optimized to work with Samsung TVs, and has sound modes that can optimize and enhance audio.

If you want a more general list of options, our list of the best soundbars have plenty to offer. Otherwise, read on to see the best Samsung soundbars.

Best Budget:Samsung HW-R450

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The Samsung HW-R450 is a 2.1-channel wireless soundbar that provides solid sound for TV content. It's optimized to work with Samsung TVs, but it'll function fine with other brands too. The soundbar is plug-and-play and works for both wired and wireless connection. With a single remote you can control both the TV and soundbar. The subwoofer is wireless too, adding bass to rumbles of thunder and explosions.

The soundbar is packed with unique features despite the reasonable price. There's a Smart Sound Mode that can analyze content to optimize sound settings, a Game Mode that boost sound effects in game, and you can use add a wireless surround sound kit to set up real surround without all the setup.

Best for Small Setups:Samsung HW-MS750

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Samsung offers many of their soundbars with an included subwoofer, mostly to round out the lack of low-end sound you normally see in these units. But, if you're buying a soundbar for a small space — like a dorm room or a small bedroom setup — our pick goes to the MS750 here for a few reasons. First of all, the MS6500 curved option, while full-featured, is a bit overkill for a small space. That curved setup widens the sound field a lot, but you just don't need that in a small area.

The MS750 gives you the room-filling audio you get from Samsung's Sound+ tech, meaning it's a great choice if you want to bolster a small movie setup. There are 11 speakers as well, two of them firing upward, which means you'll get a solid virtual surround vibe without the need for a bunch of speakers crowding your space. They've included their impressive Distortion Cancelling technology so that you can get a full, detailed bass response without all the ugliness of lesser options. Samsung has included Amazon Alexa capabilities for voice control, wireless connectivity to compatible Samsung TVs, the OneRemote control functionality, Bluetooth for streaming audio from your phone, and even 32-bit audio upscaling from Samsung's UHQ. If you're looking for a single, all-in-one soundbar, this could just be it.

Best for Samsung TVs:Samsung HW-K360

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This soundbar model from 2016 really impresses us for a lot of reasons. First of all, at just over $200 (though you can find it refurbished for even less), you get a full-featured soundbar without the need to rack up your credit card bill. At 200W, the total system power isn't as substantial as the step-up models, but we are surprised to see so much power from the system. The frequency response covers the expected spectrum (around 43Hz–20kHz), and there is an included 6.5-inch, 130W subwoofer that will cover the rest of the range.

There's Samsung's slightly dated Surround Sound Expansion feature, that attempts to virtually localize the sound spread. It seems that this isn't quite as powerful as the Sound Beam technology on the nicer Samsung models, but it's really great to see it as an option. There's Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream audio from your phone or other devices without the need to cue it up on your standard entertainment center.

The unit is also capable of establishing a wireless connection to your compatible Samsung-branded TV, and you can even use the included OneRemote (or the Android apps) to add further control to the unit. The I/O and connectivity here does leave something to be desired, but overall it's a solid unit for a great price.

Final Verdict

The best Samsung soundbar to buy is the HW-R450 (view on Amazon). It's very affordable, offers a wireless subwoofer, and has 2.1-channel audio. It's also loaded with unique modes to optimize sound and enhance your experience. If you need something smaller, the Samsung HW-MS750 (view on eBay) doesn't jhave a seperate subwoofer, but it's curved allowing you to widen the sound field. It's a good fit for dorms and small bedrooms.