The 6 Best Camcorders for Kids in 2022


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The RundownBest Overall:AIMASON Digital Video Camera at Amazon"Kids can easily record video via the simple controls and the camera is tough enough to withstand accidental drops and falls."Best for Sports:Prograce HD Action Camera at Amazon"It's one of the best cameras for sports and action, allowing your child to record all of their adventures and activities."Best for Selfies:VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera at Amazon"With a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and a rear-facing camera, it a great camera for taking selfies or making unique videos."Best for Toddlers:Prograce Kids Camera at Amazon"The camera comes with five puzzle games, making it an educational toy, and built-in frames and filters are fun to experiment with."Best Waterproof:Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera at Amazon"This durable little action camera can handle rough and tumble usage without taking a scratch."Best Image Quality:Fede Digital Rechargeable Kids Camera at Amazon"8 Megapixels doesn't sound like a lot when talking about cameras in general, but it's quite substantial for a cheap kids' camera"

The Best Camcorders for kids are both fun to use and capable of withstanding everything that the rough and tumble lifestyle of kids can throw at them. They may not boast the same image quality of professional digital cameras, but for kids, the experience of using a camera for the first time is more important than the results. You want a camera that won't break, and also won't break the bank.

Our top pick, the VTech Kidizoom Action Camera (view on Amazon) fits the bill for an ideal kid's camcorder. It's simple to use, colorful, and both waterproof and durable. We've tested a wide variety of kid's camcorders, and whether you're looking for a toy or a more serious camera for your child, you should find the perfect choice below.

Best Overall:AIMASON Digital Video Camera

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Durable design

Soft silicone coating 

Additional back facing selfie camera

Low price

What We Don't Like

Poor photo quality

This is a great little camera that's both portable and cute. The Aimason Digital Video Camera is easy to use and is coated in a soft silicon coating that makes it easy and comfortable for little hands to grip. This coating also helps make it resistant to being dropped and tossed about. It's made to be small enough to easily be carried with you and tough enough to survive the journey. 

A particularly cool feature of this camera is the second camera that points backward so that your child can easily take selfies, or so that you can take a selfie with them. There are also video games and digital filters and frames for children to play with. This is an extraordinarily low priced camera, but the tradeoff for this affordability is in its photo and video quality, which is quite poor. 

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Best for Sports:Prograce HD Action Camera

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Full HD video

Included action camera accessories

Waterproof and durable

What We Don't Like

Poor audio quality

Featuring a rugged and waterproof shell and including helmet, bicycle, and wrist mounts, the Prograce HD Action Camera is the perfect companion for young sports enthusiasts. What sets this action camera apart from other kids' camcorders is its relatively high-resolution video capability—the Prograce can record at 1080p 30fps. This is an ideal companion for an adventurous and active young explorer.   

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Best for Selfies:VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

3.5 Buy on AmazonBuy on WalmartWhat We Like

Ergonomic grip


Motion control video games

Dual cameras

Dual optical viewfinders

What We Don't Like

Complicated menu system

Low-resolution photos and video

Though again the photos and videos this camera produces aren't the greatest, the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera really is a ton of fun. It's durable and features particularly ergonomic grips, as well as both a front-facing camera and backward-facing selfie camera. It also has two optical viewfinders which make it more fun to use, and the camera makes for a remarkably exciting portable video game console featuring motion controls. This Kidizoom camera certainly puts form and fun over function, and that's just fine.

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Best for Toddlers:Prograce Kids Camera

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Simple and colorful

Built-in puzzle games

Relatively good image quality

2 inch IPS display

What We Don't Like

A little on the small side for older kids

The Prograce Kids Camera is an ideal camera for toddlers with small hands, though this makes it less ideal for older kids. Surprisingly, it records 5-megapixel photos and FullHD 1080p video, which makes it something of a bargain at this price point. Its colorful design will appeal to children, and its simple to use control scheme can be operated even by younger kids. The 2 inch IPS display is bright and vivid, and the camera has a small library of puzzle games built in.

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Best Waterproof:Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

3.3 Buy on AmazonBuy on EBayBuy on Toys R UsWhat We Like

Affordable price

Compact and portable

IP68 waterproof rating

What We Don't Like

Very poor photo and video quality

Frustrating menu system

With a robust water and dustproof case that features an impressive IP68 rating, the Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera is perfect for a day at the beach. It's able to survive down to 6 feet underwater for 30 minutes, and won't suffer from being stuffed into a dirty seat cushion. It's both affordably priced and designed to be eminently compact and portable so that your child can easily carry it with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, the menu system is somewhat confusing, and its 5-megapixel sensor is fairly poor, and photos and videos have a greenish cast to them. However, the results are higher resolution than some kids cameras, and at this price it's a great alternative to a GoPro for children.

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Best Image Quality:Fede Digital Rechargeable Kids Camera

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

8 megapixel still images and 1080p video recording

Backward facing selfie camera

Included 32GB TF card

What We Don't Like

Lack of color options

8 Megapixels doesn't sound like a lot when talking about cameras in general, but it's quite substantial for a cheap kids' camera. The Fede Kids Digital Camera is also capable of capturing FullHD 1080p video, making this a competent companion for the young aspiring photographer in your life. The camcorder also features a backward-facing selfie camera and comes with a 32GB TF memory card, plenty of storage given the resolution of the camera. About the only thing working against this camera is the lack of available color options, but that's a minor issue.

Final Verdict

Our top pick, the VTech Kidizoom Action camera is a good all-round choice for kids. Its excellent design makes it easy to use for kids, as well as durable and waterproof. For better image quality, the Fede Kids Digital Camera offers 8MP stills and 1080p video.

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What to Look for in Camcorders for Kids:

Durability: Even the most careful and considerate child can be awfully rough on their possessions, so it's important to consider durability when purchasing a camera for them. Look for devices with the standardized IP rating system denoting water resistance. This will ensure your camera survives any accident involving water.

Price: Though your child may take an early interest in photography, the whims of childhood are fickle indeed and there is no guarantee that they'll continue to embrace this hobby as they grow older Furthermore, no matter how durable the camera, a child is likely to test the limits of that durability. With all that in mind, it's wise not to break the bank on a camcorder for them. A budget camcorder will provide an enjoyable experience for them, and if they're particularly keen you can always get them a more capable device later on.

Image quality: While the quality of photos and videos a kid will capture isn't of particular importance, as it's the experience of photography that really matters, it's still worth ensuring that the quality is at least marginally viewable. Look for at least 480p video. 720p or 1080p is a nice upgrade, but don't shell out extra cash for 4k. Kids don't need that kind of resolution for their videos, and in cheap cameras it's rarely true 4K anyway.