The 7 Best Gaming Chairs of 2023


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The RundownBest Overall:Secretlab TITAN at"Secretlab's TITAN gaming chair is built from the ground up to be the best of the best in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and style."Best Value:Homall Executive Swivel Chair at Amazon"If you're in the market for a gaming-specific chair but don't want to drain your savings, this is an excellent option."Best with Massage Feature:Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair at Amazon"The FicMax Ergonomic Gaming Chair has just what you need: a lumbar pillow with a USB-powered massage function."Best Office Chair for Gaming:Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair at Amazon"If your gaming space doubles as a home office or shared work space, this chair would make a great addition to your setup."Best Fabric Chair:Secretlabs Omega Softweave at"Secretlabs has developed its Omega Softweave chair to deliver the best in breathability and comfort."Best with Footrest:Respawn RSP-110 at Amazon"The Respawn RSP-110 features a retractable footrest, allowing you to stretch your legs while taking on hordes of enemies."Best Luxury Chair:Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit at"The monitor arm can hold either three monitors up to 29 inches wide each or a single, ultrawide monitor to suit your preferences."

Muscle tension, bad posture, and general discomfort can all ruin the PC and console gaming experience. This is where specifically-designed gaming chairs come to the rescue. These kinds of chairs often use high-density or memory foam for long-lasting support and comfort as well as steel or high-grade aluminum frames to support more weight and provide better durability. Neck and lumbar support pillows are often included for extra support and tension relief when and where you need it. Some models even have foot rests that allow you to stretch out during long gaming sessions or relax between Mortal Kombat rounds.

Gaming chairs are available at just about every price point, with entry-level models providing plenty of comfort and style at modest retail prices. If you want customization options or high-end materials, you can spend more to get your hands on a luxury brand. You can even spend several thousand dollars on alien-looking battle stations that look like they were ripped straight from a science-fiction set.

If your game room doubles as a work space, there are plenty of options for office-appropriate seating that can easily transition to use for gaming. You'll want to look for a chair with ANSI ratings for ergonomics to reduce back, neck, and arm strain while typing up reports or mowing down hordes in Diablo III. Check out our top picks below to find the perfect gaming chair to upgrade your setup.

Best Overall:Secretlab TITAN

Buy on Secretlab.coWhat We Like

Tons of customization options

Full-recline backrest

Durable materials

What We Don't Like


Short return/exchange period

Secretlab's TITAN gaming chair is designed and built from the ground up to be the best of the best in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and style. With dozens of customization options from fabric, stitch color, and logos to show off your esports team loyalty or favorite game, you can truly make this chair your own.

Secretlab uses a faux leather that is engineered for superior durability and to resist sweat, flexing, and abrasions to keep your chair looking its best. The patent-pending foam padding is molded to surround and cushion you for enhanced comfort, even during marathon gaming sessions. The all-metal armrests can be adjusted to fit your work and play style perfectly to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel and improve comfort. The aluminum wheel base houses caster wheels which are designed for quiet, smooth movement in any direction. This is great for use in shared gaming or work spaces where noisy chair wheels could be an annoyance or distraction.

With improved tilt and height adjustment controls, this gaming chair is perfect for people as tall as 6 feet, 7 inches. The full-recline backrest allows you to stretch out and rest between tournament rounds. The TITAN is backed by a five-year warranty which can be extended to seven years if you share a picture of your new gaming chair with Secretlab social media.

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Best Value:Homall Executive Swivel Chair

4Buy on AmazonBuy on Newegg.comWhat We Like


Steel frame

Adjustable recline

What We Don't Like

Static arm rests

If you're in the market for a gaming-specific chair but don't want to drain your savings, the Homall Executive is an excellent option. Its all-steel frame is rated to hold up to 300 pounds, meaning this chair can handle every day use as well as just about anything you throw at it.

The durable foam padding is covered in a synthetic leather for both style and longevity. The backrest can recline a full 180 degrees, allowing you to stretch, lean back, and even lie back when you need to take a break from racking up Fortnite solo wins or taking out enemy soldiers in Call of Duty. With adjustable neck and lumbar support pillows, you can quickly and easily set up extra padding exactly where you need it.

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Best with Massage Feature:Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

4Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Massage feature

Memory foam padding

Adjustable armrests

Backrest recline

What We Don't Like

Very heavy

Neck support pillow is bulky

Sometimes you need more than just great spine and shoulder support during marathon gaming sessions, and the FicMax Ergonomic Gaming Chair has just what you need: a lumbar pillow with a USB-powered massage function. Just plug the chair into your PC and enjoy gentle massage action on tense back and shoulder muscles to relieve strain and pressure in between tournament rounds.

The memory foam padding and synthetic leather cover allow for enhanced breathability to reduce moisture build-up from sweat. The backrest reclines a full 180 degrees, and a retractable footrest allows you to fully stretch out and rest when needed. With eight colors to choose from, you'll also have plenty of ways to show off your personal style.

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Best Office Chair for Gaming:Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair

Buy on AmazonBuy on WalmartBuy on Bizchair.comWhat We Like



Fully adjustable

What We Don't Like

No lumbar pillow

May not be comfortable for taller users

If your gaming space doubles as a home office or shared work space, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair would make a great addition to your setup. The stylish black and silver design is at home in almost any setting, and the mesh back and fabric seat are breathable for enhanced comfort.

Three levers located under the seat let you adjust seat angle, recline, and seat height, and you can also adjust the arm and back rest heights for a custom fit. The back and armrests are ANSI-rated for better ergonomics, making this chair perfect for long days at the home office as well as weekend gaming sessions with friends.

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Best Fabric Chair:Secretlabs Omega Softweave

Buy on Secretlab.coWhat We Like

Breathable fabric cover

Fully adjustable

Durable materials

What We Don't Like


Not designed for users taller than 6 feet

While genuine and synthetic leather seat coverings add a touch of elevated style and sophistication to your gaming setup, they can be a bit uncomfortable for some. Secretlabs has developed its Omega Softweave chair to deliver the best in breathability and comfort. The woven fabric covers are brushed for an ultra-soft feel that keeps you comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

The patent-pending foam padding gives superior posture support and long-lasting comfort, and the included headrest and lumbar pillows enhance support for key areas. The aluminum wheelbase uses a best-in-class gas piston for smooth, consistent height and tilt adjustments, and the fully-adjustable armrests and reclining backrest allow you to create a custom fit.

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Best with Footrest:Respawn RSP-110

Buy on AmazonBuy on WalmartWhat We Like

Head and lumbar pillows

Lifetime warranty

Great price

What We Don't Like

No woven fabric upholstery option

The Respawn RSP-110 features a retractable footrest, allowing you to stretch your legs while taking on hordes of enemies, writing up reports as you work from home, or kick back and relax between gaming sessions with friends on the weekend.

The seat itself has a racing-inspired design with segmented foam padding for superior comfort and support. It also features adjustable neck and lumbar pillows for added support exactly when and where you need it. The seat, back, arms, and footrest are fully adjustable to give you a custom fit for your play or work style. The synthetic leather upholstery gives a sleek, modern touch of style to your setup. The chair is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you can have peace of mind when you need replacement parts.

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Best Luxury Chair:Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit

Buy on Alibaba.comWhat We Like

Unique design

Immersive experience

Great warranty and customer service

What We Don't Like

Insanely expensive

Huge and heavy

Difficult assembly

If money is no object, the Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit delivers a unique aesthetic as well as high-end materials, superior durability, and comfort. The frame is made of tough carbon steel with a powder-coat paint to resist dings, dents, and scratches, and the fully adjustable seat uses soft foam and synthetic leather for comfort and style.

The monitor arm can hold either three monitors up to 29 inches wide each or a single, ultrawide monitor to suit your preferences. The monitor arm, seat, legs, and keyboard tray are powered by fully mechanical electric motors for custom placement and easier entry and exit from the unit.

With six different poses, you can do everything from work and game to browse the web or catch up on your favorite shows in ultimate style. Cluvens backs the Scorpion with a three-year warranty for replacement parts and a two-year warranty for all electric motors. You'll want to make sure you've got plenty of room in your home though; this beast of a battle station weighs over 250 pounds and stands over 5 feet tall.

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Secretlab's TITAN gaming chair uses top-quality materials to deliver superior comfort and durability. And with dozens of customization options, you can show off your personal style or esports team loyalties.

If your gaming space doubles as a home office, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair would be a great decision. Its black and silver aesthetic can fit with almost any decor, and the ANSI-rated ergonomic design ensures comfort during Zoom meetings or weekend Fortnite matches with friends.

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What are the benefits of buying a gaming chair over office chairs?

Gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs share many of the same long-term use benefits. They are designed for long hours of sitting at a desk or staring at the computer and TV. Soft materials and better design allow for more support of your spine, shoulders, and neck as well as comfort during tournaments or weekend Fortnite rounds with friends. 

What kinds of gaming chairs are there?

There are just about as many gaming chair designs as there are gamer types. The cheapest and easiest to get a hold of are the floor-rocker style. These are perfect for kids since they can fold for easy storage when not in use and are very affordable. The most recognizable, and arguably the most popular, is the racing seat. These chairs are designed to support your neck, shoulders, and back during marathon gaming sessions. They also look really cool since they're modeled after high-end race car bucket seats.

Do gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

Yes, but within narrow limits. Some gaming-specific chairs may have integrated speakers which can enhance audio more than a headset and make you more aware of enemy sound cues. Other chairs' designs might make you more comfortable during marathon sessions, helping you focus on the game more than aching and cramping muscles. But you shouldn't expect a gaming chair to magically make you a savant.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Materials: What a gaming chair is made of will determine how long it lasts, and how long it looks good. A slick-looking bargain made of imitation materials such as PU and bonded leather may soon fall to pieces, where a more expensive chair built with genuine and high-quality leather or fabrics will remain usable and stylish for a greater length of time.

Adjustment controls: Very few people are identical in their size and shape, and so each and every one of us has our own unique requirements for comfort. Therefore the more elements that may be adjusted in a gaming chair, the more comfortable and ergonomic you are likely to find it. The best gaming chairs allow you to individually adjust the angle of every component part of the chair, while cheaper models tend to have fewer possible adjustments.

Style: The typical race car style of gaming chairs is certainly not a universally adored fashion and is likely to stick out like a sore thumb in a more professional environment. Many brands offer multiple color options, from absurdly bright to relatively understated. You can make the choice to go professional, match the other colors of your gaming setup or room, or just go full rad gamer, and own your favorite hobby.