The 8 Best Switch Lite Accessories of 2022


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The RundownBest case:Orzly Case at Amazon"Combines hardshell protection with ample room for accessories."Runner up, Best Switch Lite Case:Nintendo Switch Lite Case at Amazon"A slimmer option that still has room for game cartridges."Best Screen Protector:Orzly Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector at Amazon"Easy to apply and doesn't inhibit your play."Best Comfort Grip:Satisfye Grip at Amazon"Adds more comfort to your gaming with handles and an in-depth cooling system."Best Personalization:Skinit Switch Lite Skins at"Allows you to personalize your Switch Lite to your liking. Textured skins give extra grip."Best Switch Lite Controller:Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at Amazon"Makes tabletop mode a lot more comfortable and enjoyable."Best Controllers for Multiplayer:Nintendo Switch Joy-Con at Amazon"Necessary for any multiplayer games, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe."Best Memory Expansion:SanDisk Micro SD Card at Amazon"Greatly expands system memory, for those who prefer downloading Switch games."

Best case:Orzly Case

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Hardshell feels sturdy

Room for accessories

Strap keeps the system in place

What We Don't Like

Can't fit the charger

Orzly's Switch Lite case is perfect for gamers looking to toss their Switch Lite in their bag to take on the road, while also providing enough room for accessories and games. You can breathe easy knowing the hard shell exterior will keep your Switch Lite safe, and two elastic straps on the inside keep the console from shifting around. Plus, there's a soft cover for the screen that folds over the system when you zip the case up.

As for games and accessories, the Orzly case comes with eight game slots, so you can bring the essential entries in your Switch library when you travel. Beyond that, there's a zipper pocket and an additional pouch for accessories, like earbuds, a charging cable, or a screen cleaner. There isn't room for the charger that comes with the Switch Lite, but that keeps the case at a manageable size. 

This case is sold standalone, and it's also included in Orzly's Switch Lite Essentials Pack, which we recommend for any new Switch Lite owner. The pack comes with a case, two tempered glass screen protectors, a comfort grip and thumb grips, headphones, additional game cases, a stylus, and a USB-C charging cable. The headphones and the thumb grips aren't anything to write home about, but the screen protectors, grip, and game cases are worthwhile additions to the case. Plus, the case and grip come in blue, yellow, and gray, so you can match your accessories to your Switch Lite.

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Runner up, Best Switch Lite Case:Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Sleek, thin design

Room for game cartridges

What We Don't Like

Can't fit the charger

May be a little too thin

If you're looking for a super slim Switch Lite case, you should check out Nintendo's official option. Ultra-thin and sleek, this case will squeeze into any backpack on the go. It comes with a small flap that folds over and protects the screen, and the other side has eight slots for Switch game cartridges. There's also a pouch for additional accessories. The case is stylish, with its slightly off-white color, fabric material, and official Nintendo Switch logo. 

The thin size looks sleek and is nice for taking on the go, but it doesn't feel quite as durable as some other options. The case also comes with a screen protector that isn't tempered glass, so it won't protect against cracks as well. You may want to buy a tempered glass alternative separately.

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Best Screen Protector:Orzly Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Fits the screen perfectly

No damage after weeks of use

What We Don't Like

Won't protect joycons or back of Switch from damage

Speaking of screen protectors, the Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector that comes in the Orzly Essentials Pack (and is also sold separately) works great on the Switch Lite. Application is easy, and the touch screen still works just as well after applying it. Plus, the screen still looks bright and vibrant through the screen protector. After a few weeks of testing, the screen exhibited no noticeable signs of wear and tear. The Orzly pack comes with two screen protectors, just in case you don't apply the first one perfectly or it does eventually get damaged.

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Best Comfort Grip:Satisfye Grip

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Makes gaming more comfortable

Cooling system keeps the console from overheating

What We Don't Like

Makes travel more cumbersome

The SwitchGrip Lite from Satisfye adds handles to each side of the system to make gaming more comfortable. It's perfect for gamers with larger hands, making the entire system sit more naturally in your palms. 

The grip's cooling system will also keep your console from overheating when the grip is attached, so you don't have to worry about your Switch Lite melting down during longer gaming sessions. The grip also comes with two thumbpads for the control sticks.

Best Personalization:Skinit Switch Lite Skins

Buy on Skinit.comWhat We Like

Options for many different interests

Easy to apply

Fits the console well

What We Don't Like

Doesn't offer any real protection

If you want to give your Switch Lite more of a personal flair, look no further than Skinit's expansive line of Switch Lite skins. With designs based on sports teams, comic books, video games, and more, you should be able to find something that showcases your interests. The skins are easy to apply and fit the system well, allowing full access to the game card slot, speakers, microSD card slot, headphone jack, and cooling system. 

Skinit also offers a number of textured skins that give your Switch Lite a different feel. We tested out a textured skin that gave the Switch Lite a rougher, tactile texture, and it felt very comfortable and gave the Switch Lite a unique look. 

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Best Switch Lite Controller:Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Buy on AmazonBuy on Best BuyBuy on WalmartWhat We Like

Comfortable to hold

Full suite of features

What We Don't Like

Difficult to pack with your Switch Lite

If you want to use a kickstand to play your Switch Lite in tabletop mode you'll need an additional controller, and there's no better option than Nintendo's official Switch Pro Controller. This gamepad is extremely comfortable to hold, and it comes with a full suite of features that allow you to experience almost every Switch game to the fullest.

Motion controls make aiming easier in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2, while the amiibo functionality will let you scan your Nintendo figures into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more. Tabletop mode isn't the most practical option with the Switch Lite, but the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will make it a lot more viable.

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Best Controllers for Multiplayer:Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Buy on AmazonBuy on WalmartWhat We Like

Makes multiplayer easy

Can fit into some Switch Lite cases

What We Don't Like

Doesn't come with charging method

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers make multiplayer easier on the Switch Lite. When turned sideways, each Joy-Con acts as an individual controller, meaning you only need one set of Joy-Con to support two-player local multiplayer.

Like most Nintendo consoles, the Switch is a great multiplayer system, as games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are much better with friends. Plus, select games like Super Mario Party require Joy-Con controllers, making them a must for any fan of Nintendo's first-party titles. Plus, you can fit your Joy-Con into the Orzly Switch Lite case we recommended above, so it's easy to take them with you. 

Note that the Joy-Con require a charging grip or an original Switch console to charge, which makes them slightly less practical for use with the Switch Lite.

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Best Memory Expansion:SanDisk Micro SD Card

Buy on AmazonWhat We Like

Greatly expands your system memory

Easy to manage storage

What We Don't Like

Swapping cards can be difficult

Gamers who prefer downloading Switch games will find that the Switch Lite's internal memory fills up pretty quickly. Luckily, the Switch Lite supports Micro SD cards which can greatly expand your storage space. It's easy to manage your memory between the Switch's internal memory and the Micro SD card, and it's also easy to upgrade to a larger card when one runs out of space.

We've been using the San Disk 128 GB Micro SD card since the Switch launched in 2017, and there have never been any problems with storage or load times. Nintendo sells their own branded Micro SD cards, but the prices are extremely inflated compared to generic San Disks and other brands.

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