The Best Router and Home Network Names 2022


What's the name of your home network? Most home networks have a name that is the SSID of their primary home broadband router. Some homeowners keep the default names of their routers such as linksys or AEFLHB198Z-2GJ, while others prefer to assign a more personalized name to theirs. If you can't think of the right name for your home network, these suggestions will give you some ideas.

Rules for Network Names

SSIDs or network names have a couple of rules that are important to keep in mind when naming your network. Below are the two main rules for naming a home network:

The name is case sensitive. If you name your home network Homebase, make sure you always type it the same way.SSIDs can be only 1 to 32 characters long. This includes spaces, numbers, and symbols.

Do's and Dont's for Creating a Unique Network Name

While the list below provides some great inspiration, there are a few things to avoid when creating a unique network SSID:

Don't include personal information such as names, addresses, or birthdays.Don't use any part of the router password as the name.Do make the SSID unique and memorable, so you don't forget it.Do change it from the manufacturer's name. Don't advertise your router to would-be hackers. It only gives them more insight into your network security.

Network Names Submissions

Some of our readers have shared their favorite router and network names in the past. Perhaps one of these will inspire you to change yours.

Daniel Grill / Getty ImagesDinoFelis says, "One of the names I used in the past … RobertPlant."Trix says, "I went with cartoon … as in … cartoon network."Guinness66 says, "Well, it IS the Gateway to happiness!"SimCard says, "Roto, a paean to those who pronounce the word router with an Aussie accent."Hylton says, "It is the gate to all knowledge and heaven for some so why not Pearlygates."Jarrod says, "Sol – simple and central!"Ohpunk says, "As I said ... mine is: BlackBriar (darn Bourne films.. lol)."Larry says, "I have three: skellig, epitome, fatboy."One of the greats says, "Access Denied."User says, "I've always been a fan of press1now."Brent T. says, "virusinstaller."Idk says, "I put mine as Not"David says, "I went for Nimda. I dare you to connect!"1Quake says, "Virus. How bout that!"Zx says, "The Iron Lotus."Othiambo says, "I went with Excalibur as in the sword for King Arthur."Genise says, "Gotcha."David says, "Two networks—evil trifecta and Get your virus here."Jennym says: I went with Hal, you know, from 2001: A Space Odyssey."Brian says, "I have five: alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo."Awesome says, "SkyNet."Dedd says, "the password is." Nick says, "Rofl at some of these names … SkyNet and virusinstaller. How about seXBox?"Kate says, "Aorta."Tye says, "You are all boring: Abraham Linksys."Phil says, "I like the name Escher, after M. C. Escher and his great artworks."ProfessorX says, "Two that I like to use … Luke WiFi Walker and Starfleet Communications."Jeff says, "Series Of Tubes."Reno says, "Remote Hard Drive Formatting Utility. All are welcome to log in!"Guinness66 says, "Jarvis – The butler from the Avengers."Carl P. says, "Mine is named Boomerang."Jb says, "Not Found."Bill says, "How about Death Star."W32/Alphx.worm.a says, "I periodically choose a virus name from a virus Top Threats list. My router SSID is currently named [email protected]"YOe says, "Carlos 'chuck' Norris."Matthewbe says, "I put it as Other."SLeasl says, "Virus.executable.funhouse."Try this says, "FBI_surveillance_van_2712. I change the number on a regular basis to keep my neighbors on edge."Ali says, "How about Access Denied?"bowman says, "BonusTurtleMeat. I watch too much 30 Rock."Schwabbl says, "worst name ever."Ali says, "Your neighbor."Kriter says, "I believe in (future) shock therapy. NSA.TST.4160-1." Crooked says, "Paper. Like paper router."Sirez says, "Nothing compares to my favorite GodLivesHere. I scanned that one going through the desert once and was like wtf mate? Dad, turn around, god lives in that mobile home!"Robbyp says, "My router's name was Oh Baby Click Me and wanna click on me."Cbanbury says, "ID-10T-3rr."Francesco says, "I Will Hack You."Mazzy says, "Press Alt-F4 to Connect."Don_Q says, "Not_Yours."Nathaniel G. says, "I have a D-Link router. I named it linksys."Nateg says, "My dog's name, Abby's!"Gregory G. says, "My SSID is Rollbar."Dave says, "Mine is Hidden."A Guy says, "AirPort or Hackulous."Bro says, "Virus Detected!"Somebody says, "Everybodydie … because who wouldn't want to click on that?"Nelly says, "Wu Tang Lan."sureshot22 says, "Moe's Tavern."Ric says, "My suggestions would be Beam_me_up_Scottie and Phallic_Caput. You figure that last one out!"Beth says, "Mine's called nacho, as in nacho router."Andrew says, "Virus Detected by Network! and I hacked your cellphone."Jknights says, "Network not found."Rob says, "Stuxnet."R007 9aNda says, "Fly like a wifi."Jack says, "More Cowbell."Tom White says, "I live at number 30 and my ISP is Sky so I came up with the idea of SKYat30."Tom says, "your_mum."Jordan E. says, "And the winner is NachoWifi."7Winter says "Mine is the wireless g spot since it's a G-router."Jason says, "HeyUGetOffMyLAN."Jason says, "router-IHardlyKnowHer."James says, "Mine is Archangel Network from Doctor Who."Kel says, "HionWifi."RouterKing says, "I once was a U.S. soldier, so I keep the people guessing with 5th Signal Command."Ichido says, "Mine is ”    “. That's Hidden."Ron says, "My neighbor is an annoying Cowboys fan living in New York, so I use Cowboys SUCK. We don't talk much anymore."Lambdadad says, "hard drive reformat in progress."Johnny P. says, "I live in Louisiana in Terrebonne Parish, home of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Office. My wireless network name is TPSO Surveillance Van 2."Ange says, "the LAN before time … my absolute favorite."Kneverknow says, "Stiffler'sMom."Anon says, "56k-Modem. No visitors so far."Tom says, "BillWiTheScienceFi."Trey says, "Mine is Luke, I am your Fahjha."Ideaa13 says, "FBI Protected Access."Damien St.C. says, "Just changed mine to CIA_safehouse_3."Symptom says, "This is my favorite name ... FBI Van 1."1Juan says, "I go with EpsteinsMothersDoctor."Dhaundre says, "Mine is THEN I TOOK AN ARROW IN THE KNEE."Prateek C. says, "My Wi-Fi name is c:\virus.exe."Sixsixsixseth says, "BabySealClub."Habib 960t says, "Mine is Habib's Wifi."Xsparkaflame says, "2girls1router."Nate says, "I am going with KGB Secure Database."Dan says, "I've seen this near my daughter's apartment ( . )( . ) My favorite by far!"Serpent says, "I had a user connect to my network (before password protecting it) called Peter-MacBook, so I renamed the network Peter Stop Stealing My Internet."Riley says, "My favorite is Serveilance_Van_9."Alessandro Santos says, "Vogon Constructor Fleet – Ship #247."Russell C says, "An unknown neighbor has one called no connection. Since it is unsecured, I decided to connect. Unfortunately, it was not connected to the internet or to any computers."Jes says, "Mine is Teabag0."Ric says, "GetUrOwn for wifi stealer."Lisbeth says, "Asphyxia 1.3 after the hacking program used in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."Scooper82 says, "Amanda Hugginkis Eat my shorts."C A G says, "My router's name is GENESIS."Vrjake81 says, "thank you for using WEP."Dice says, "Mine is simply  .– .. ..-. .. which in morse code is Wifi."Mr. Powell says, "Mine is Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi. My friend's is Bronet."Drewdad says, "I read your E-mail."Cott says, "The Gibson."Dave says, "Dagobah System."Jz says, "How about IT HURTS WHEN IP."RC says, "I have mine set up as Shadynasty, pronounced SHA-Dynasty from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV show. I've seen one called The Dharma Initiative."Aten says, "MiDixiWrecked."Mad Hatter says, "Nuclear Launch detected."Ed says, "Mine is Uranus."Teck22 says, "The best name for a wireless network is virus.exe."Ugabuk says, "The best I've seen are Mom Click Here For Internet and "" (networks with a hidden SSID appear like this in network hacking tools).Marcozark says, "My current iteration is C:\gullible.virus.exe."Ohn says, "I rename mine from time to time. Some I've used are IWANTURCREDITCARD, GETURIDSTOLENHERE, ITSMYROUTER, ILIKTOREADURMAIL, IGOTURCREDITCARD, and a host of others."Jake says, "Mine is onedoesnotsimplylogintoMordor."SM says, "Mine is xoxoGossipGirl. Might change it to Funhouse."TJ Breezy says, "Mine is • NETGEAR13 •."Me says, "Mine was NOT4U but it looks too neutral now."John says, "I put FBI station 3."RICHARD says, "Mine is now being changed to c:dharma,pearl.islandnet. Outdated LOST reference."Lawson says, "My network name is Skyfall."Raj says, "U can't Steal kid but U can beg."Ksl64 says, "I have Iseeyou, iViruz, DeadLink."Ian C. says, "In the past, I've used PacketMan and Tesla. Currently using the even lower profile RFID."Nithin says, "BoysNextDoor."Ignatius R says, "Virus and Spam Headquarters."Chris says, "Number12arewankers. I don't like my neighbors."Suman says, "As a biologist I prefer Genome."DCinFL says, "NoMoFreeNet4U."John K. says, "I went with FBI Surveillance Van 9. The 9 I put randomly."Ravi J says, "Get Off My Lawn."DisPeggy says, "Best I've seen so far is Amish-Wireless. Shouldn't have many users."Clay S. says, "I use the name FBI Van."Ixnay says, "henryhill 2.4ghz, travisbickle 5ghz."Chuck says, "Mine is U S Nat Sec Surv Van F-250 Nr 7."Rockstar says, "Mine is 130013$. Guess that!"Clvrty says, "Currently mine is set to: JAR – Just Another Router."Mike K says, "I just changed mine to HomelessShelter."Kyle.a.torfin says, "u router u brought her."Chi Am says, "Currently, mine is 4uBeach."Thor says, "Snowden's NSA Mirror."HyperNV says, "I have a patent on WIFILeaks."Godcmplx says, "My router is named Hydrogen."Silvash says, "spynet."

Here are a few more from anonymous contributors:

IP then I POOPAP UP We all PConnect I dare UI sniff WIFIKillroy wasnt hereBlackhole2CarabinerTurbo EncabulatorVomit ComitSwiss CheeseI didnt shoot no deputyClick here to winNothingtoseeheremovealongnowteh_interwebzGet_your_ownyoufoundme