The Ultimate Destiny 2 Exotics List 2021


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Obtaining Exotic weapons and armor is essential to completing some of the more difficult quests in Destiny 2. Here's an exhaustive list of Destiny 2 Exotics and how to get them.

Information in this article applies to all versions of Destiny 2 for all platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

How Destiny 2 Exotics Work

Exotics are rare weapons and armor that come with unique perks. You can only equip one Exotic weapon and one Exotic armor at a time. Exotic gear can be obtained in the following ways:

Decrypting Exotic EngramsCompleting questsCompleting public events, Crucible matches, and other activitiesPurchasing from special vendors

A reliable source of gear is Xur, the Exotics vendor in Destiny 2 who appears in a different location each week.

Best Destiny 2 Exotics

The best Exotic gear for your Guardian depends on your character class (Hunter, Titan, or Warlock). All Exotic weapons can be used by any character. The following weapons stand out among the best:

Ace of SpacesDivinityLord of WolvesOne Thousand VoicesRiskrunnerSleeper SimulantSunshotTelestoThornXenophage

Destiny 2: New Light Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainBorealisSniper RiflePS4 ExclusiveColdheartTrace RiflePreorder bonusD.A.R.C.I.Sniper RifleDrop, engram, or vendorFighting LionGrenade LauncherDrop, engram, or vendorGraviton LancePulse RifleStory rewardHard LightAuto RifleDrop, engram, or vendorLegend of AcriusShotgunWorld-Eater questMercilessFusion RifleDrop, engram, or vendorMIDA Multi-ToolScout RifleMida Multi-Tool questRat KingSidearmRat King riddle questRiskrunnerSubmachine GunStory rewardSkyburner's OathScout RifleDrop, engram, or vendorSturmHand CannonSturm and Drang questSunshotHand CannonStory rewardSweet BusinessAuto RifleDrop, engram, or vendorThe ProspectorGrenade LauncherDrop, engram, or vendorThe Wardclif CoilRocket LauncherDrop, engram, or vendorTractor CannonShotgunDrop, engram, or vendorVigilance WingPulse RifleDrop, engram, or vendor

Destiny 2 Forsaken Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainAce of SpadesHand CannonAce of Spades questBlack TalonSwordDrop, engram, or vendorCerberus+1Auto RifleDrop, engram, or vendorLord of WolvesShotgunRandom drop from Wanted Bounty completionsMalfeasanceHand CannonMalfeasance questOne Thousand VoicesFusion RifleRare drop from the Last Wish raidThe ChaperoneShotgunChaperone questThe QueenbreakerLinear Fusion RifleDrop, engram, or vendorThunderlordMachine GunDrop, engram, vendor or Journal of the Lost Cryptarch quest (until November 27th)Trinity GhoulCombat BowDrop, engram, or vendorTwo Tailed FoxRocket LauncherDrop, engram, or vendorWavesplitterTrace RifleTimed PS4 exclusiveWish-EnderCombat BowWish-Ender quest

Destiny 2 Warmind Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainThe HuckleberrySubmachine GunDrop, engram, or vendorSuros RegimeAuto RifleDrop, engram, or vendorWorldline ZeroSwordCollect 35 Lost Memory FragmentsSleeper SimulantLinear Fusion RifleSleeper Simulant questPolarisLance Scout RifleNascent Dawn questWhisper of the WormSniper Rifle SolarThe Whisper quest

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainCrimsonHand CannonDrop, engram, or vendorPrometheus LensTrace RifleDrop, engram, or vendorTelestoFusion RifleDrop, engram, or vendorThe ColonyGrenade LauncherDrop, engram, or vendorThe Jade RabbitScout Rifle DropDrop, engram, or vendor

Destiny 2 Season Pass Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainSeasonRuinous EffigyTrace RifleRuinous Effigy questSeason of ArrivalsTraveler's ChosenSidearmTraveler's Chosen questSeason of ArrivalsWitherhoardGrenade LauncherSeason of Arrivals Season Pass (Free at Rank 35)Season of ArrivalsHeir ApparentMachine GunGuardian Games event rewardSeason of the WorthyThe Fourth HorsemanShotgunThe Fourth Horseman QuestSeason of the WorthyTommy's MatchbookAuto RifleSeason of the Worthy Season Pass (Free at Rank 35)Season of the WorthyBastionFusion RifleBastion questSeason of DawnDevil's RuinSidearmDevil's Ruin questSeason of DawnSymmetryScout Rifle Season of Dawn Season Pass (Free at Rank 35)Season of Dawn


Rocket LauncherDeathbringer questSeason of the UndyingDivinityTrace RifleDivinity questSeason of the UndyingEriana's VowHand CannonSeason of the Undying Season Pass (Free at Rank 35)Season of the UndyingLeviathan's BreathBowLeviathan's Breath questSeason of the UndyingMonte CarloAuto RifleDrop, engram, or vendorSeason of the UndyingXenophageMachine GunXenophage questSeason of the UndyingBad JujuPulse RifleBad Juju questSeason of OpulenceLuminaHand CannonLumina questSeason of OpulenceTruthRocket LauncherTruth questSeason of OpulenceArbalestLinear Fusion RifleRevelry eventSeason of the DrifterOutbreak PerfectedPulse RifleOutbreak Perfected questSeason of the DrifterThornHand CannonThorn questSeason of the Drifter

Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotic Weapons

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainAnarchyGrenade Launcher Rare drop from Scourge of the Past completionJötunnFusion RifleJötunn questLe MonarqueBowLe Monarque questIzanagi's BurdenSniper RifleThe Mysterious Box questThe Last WordHand CannonThe Last Word quest

Destiny 2 Exotic Hunter Armor

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainCelestial NighthawkHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorFoetracerHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorKnucklehead RadarHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorMechaneer's TricksleevesGauntletsStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorYoung Ahamkara's SpineGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendorThe Dragon's ShadowChestDrop, engram, or vendorLucky RaspberryChestDrop, engram, or vendorRaiden FluxChestStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorLucky PantsLegsStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorOrpheus RigLegsDrop, engram, or vendorST0MP-EE5LegsDrop, engram, or vendorAeon SwiftGauntletsCurse of Osiris completion rewardGemini JesterGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Graviton ForfeitHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Shinobu's VowGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Wormhusk CrownHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Sealed Ahamkara GraspsGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Ophidia SpatheChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)FR0ST-EE5LegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Apotheosis VeilHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Gwisin VestChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)OathkeeperGauntlets Drop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Shards of GalanorGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)The Sixth CoyoteChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Liars HandshakeGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Drifter)Khepri's StingGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Opulance)Assassin's CowlHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Shadowkeep)The BombardiersLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Dawn)Raiju's HarnessChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Worthy)

Destiny 2 Exotic Titan Armor

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainInsurmountable SkullfortHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorMask of the Quiet One HelmetDrop, engram, or vendorACD/0 Feedback FenceGauntletsStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorDoom Fang PauldronGauntletsStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorSynthoceptsGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendorActium War RigChestStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorCrest of Alpha LupiChestDrop, engram, or vendorHallowfire HeartChestDrop, engram, or vendorDunemarchersLegsDrop, engram, or vendorLion RampantLegsDrop, engram, or vendorPeacekeepersLegsDrop, engram, or vendorAeon SafeGauntletsCurse of Osiris rewardKhepri's HornHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Helm of Saint-14HelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Mk. 44 Stand AsidesLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Wormgod CaressGauntletDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Eternal WarriorHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Ashen WakeGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)ArmamentariumChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Antaeus WardsLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Heart of Inmost LightChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)One-Eyed MaskHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Ursa FuriosaGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)StrongholdGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Drifter)Peragrine GreavesLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Opulence)Phoenix CradleLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Shadowkeep)Severance EnclosureChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Dawn)Citan's RampartsGlovesDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Worthy)

Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor

ExoticTypeHow to ObtainCrown of TempestsHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorEye of Another WorldHelmetStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorNezarec's SinHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorSkull of Dire AhamkaraHelmetDrop, engram, or vendorKarnstein ArmletsGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendorSunbracersGauntletsStory reward/Drop, engram, or vendorWinter's GuileGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendorStarfire ProtocolChestDrop, engram, or vendorWings of Sacred DawnChestStory reward/ Drop, engram, or vendorLunafaction BootsLegsDrop, engram, or vendorTransversive StepsLegsDrop, engram, or vendorAeon SoulGauntletsCurse of Osiris rewardOphidian AspectGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)The StagHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Vesper of RadiusChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Curse of Osiris)Verity's BrowHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)The Oculus XolHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Sanguine AlchemyChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Claws of AhamkaraGauntletDrop, engram, or vendor (Warmind)Chromatic FireChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Contraverse HoldGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Geomag StablizersLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Phoenix ProtocolChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Forsaken)Getaway ArtistGauntletsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Drifer)Astrocyte VerseHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Opulence)Stormdancer's BraceChestDrop, engram, or vendor (Shadowkeep)Promethium SpurLegsDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of Dawn)Felwinter's HelmHelmetDrop, engram, or vendor (Season of the Worthy)