The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home 2022


Homeschooling is gaining momentum in the 21st century, with some parents specifically choosing the option for their children while other families are being dropped into it unexpectedly. Whatever your situation, the good news is that there are tons of online learning options for both kids and adults these days.

Resources for All Ages

Veteran homeschoolers share resources frequently, such as online sites for best learning options, where to get free worksheets and resources, and which sites or apps are best for various ages. Parents are discovering that even babies can get in on the online learning phenomena (with mom and dad's help, of course!)

To help you out, we've developed this guide so that you've got a ton of great resources all in one handy spot. In it, you'll see that we've separated out the resources by school ages to help you easily find what you need.

We know kids have different needs at different times in their lives. You'll want to change things up frequently to avoid those 'this is SO boring' comments so we've included lots of roundups with multiple ideas to keep your kids on their toes.

We've also included a variety of articles to help you get the best discounts on computers and software to keep costs as low as possible.

To use this guide, open the links in the navigation pane. You'll see it's separated into seven different sections: Babies & Pre-K, Elementary Age Learners, Middle Schoolers & Young Teens, High Schoolers & Teens, College & Adult Learners, Online Music Lessons, and Free Online Learning Resources for All Ages. Inside each section are several articles filled with tips and hints for you.

As you settle in to make your next purchase, remember to follow smart online safety tips. Kids are notorious for wandering off to unauthorized sites when online so it might be worth your time to purchase a parental control router and to configure the router and enable malware protection and parental controls all in one place.

Consider setting up parental controls directly onto your PC or Mac, too. You can also use parental control apps on your smartphone.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Whether you're an old pro at homeschooling or suddenly trying to learn how to navigate online learning at home, take some time to enjoy the home-based opportunity to instill a love of learning into your kids.

The internet is filled with opportunities like virtual field trips, online schools, and more. Find homeschool groups in your area on Facebook, for instance, and take advantage of those online communities that can help you navigate these waters. You've got the world's resources at your fingertips every time you go online to learn so remember: You can do this!