Watch Netflix on Google Nest Hub 2021


Getting Netflix on your Hub screens brings a massive amount of content to your smart display, something Amazon users can't (yet) do.

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If you're like many Google Nest Hub owners, you use your Google Assistant-powered smart screen in the kitchen to set timers, watch recipes on YouTube, and maybe even watch a little Hulu while you bake. Now, however, Google announced that you can watch Netflix on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Watch even more: Netflix is still the big player in streaming media, adding a huge 16 million new subscribers during the recent pandemic. It's got a ton of content, too, releasing 371 new original series and movies in 2019 alone. That's a lot of things you can watch while you cook dinner. Adding the service to Nest Hub is a coup for Google, too, as Amazon's smart screens can't stream Netflix, yet.

How it works: Google says that once you link your Netflix account in your Google Home app, you can ask it to play anything from the service that you want. "Hey Google, play The Witcher," will get you Geralt's television adventures, while "OK Google, open Netflix," will let you scroll through the available videos and watch. You can pause, play, or skip forward with your voice, or even use Quick Gestures on the Hub Max to pause and play your video.

A quick caveat: We weren't able to make Netflix work on our original Google Home Hub (the previous generation of Google smart screen), so your mileage may vary if you don't have a Nest-branded device.

Bottom line: More shows to watch in the kitchen can only be a good thing as we all hunker down and explore our culinary side. Netflix brings a ton of content to the table, making the Google smart screens maybe more useful in the kitchen than Echo ones.

Via: The Verge

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