What Is Clean Technology? 2022


Clean technology also known as greentech or cleantech is any technology which also aims to improve and/or reduce its negative impact upon the environment. This can be done through using resources sustainably, protecting the environment in some way, or by utilizing significant energy efficiency improvements during development. Essentially, it's all about companies being more environmentally friendly. 

What Is Clean Technology?

Clean technology is a fast-growing concept within many areas. The general term was originally coined in the American financial sector and has since developed to also be referred to as green energy or eco-technology. 

Clean technology is the process in which companies can reduce their negative impact on the environment such as by using renewable sources of energy, implementing new methods of recycling, or ensuring the resources they use are sustainably replaced. 

Because it's a general term, it can apply to any form of business or company as it's simply a way in which to be more environmentally aware with how companies run their enterprises. 

What's the Importance of Clean Technology?

Climate change and global warming is a growing issue for the world and companies are keen to invest in renewable energy and clean technology in a bid to minimize the issue. A 2018 report released by the United Nations found global investment in renewable energy surpassed $200 billion in 2017 with $2.9 trillion invested in sources such as solar and wind power since 2004. 

For a safer world it's important, but clean technology is also important to job seekers with Yahoo Finance reporting positions like becoming a solar panel installer was the fastest-growing job category in eight different states in 2018 with the thinking being the number of such jobs will more than double by 2026. 

How Does Clean Technology Impact Me?

There are many different green technology examples out there you may not truly realize are a form of clean technology. Here's a look at the different forms of clean technology likely to be impacting your life right now.

Energy. Energy conservation is one of the biggest forms of clean technology with many energy companies seeking out alternative fuel sources that are more environmentally friendly than existing fossil fuels. These include solar, wind, and hydroelectric dams. Even companies like Starbucks have invested in wind and solar energy to help power their stores.Recycling. Many resources can be reused multiple times if they're recycled correctly. This can range from plastic that's reused multiple times in a container you use for food to even the ability to recycle water or waste in the manufacturing process. Clean water. Clean and green technology is used to purify water resources so that dirty water can be made safe or salt can be removed from seawater, increasing the availability of clean and safe drinking water.Clean air. Purifying the air we breathe by reducing carbon emissions and gasses makes things safer for us as well as better for the environment around us.