When Is 5G Coming to Canada? (Updated for ) 2023


Canada is joining many other countries in releasing a 5G network over the coming years. While a speedy 5G rollout depends on a number of factors including the company providing the network, we know of a few that have live networks running in the country.

5G brings tremendously faster speeds than 4G so that you can access the internet quicker. Faster internet access will improve a number of industries and let you do things like download files more quickly and watch movies and play video games with virtually no delay.

If you don't live in Canada, you might still have a 5G network coming to you soon; see When Is 5G Coming to the US? and 5G Availability Around the Word. Also check out 5G: The Latest News & Updates to stay current with how its developing day by day.

5G Rollout in Canada

There are multiple 5G networks available for use right now in Canada that customers can purchase and use like they can 4G. Others are actively working to bring test networks to the country and prepare for a commercial mobile 5G launch.

5G Challenges: Why It Isn't Rolling Out Faster

Telus is one company releasing 5G in Canada. In June 2020, they began rolling out the network in Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto, and added additional cities thereafter.

Rogers Communications is another. They began rolling out their first 5G network in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in January 2020, added dozens of other locations by Fall 2020 and 10 more in early 2021—the current count is 170+ cities and towns. The full benefits of the Rogers 5G network can be taken advantage of with a 5G phone; see their phone offerings for all your options.

Rogers 5G: When & Where You Can Get It

Customers with a Bell 5G phone can access 5G, too. Use their coverage map to see where in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and the Greater Toronto Area you can get 5G service. Expansion is expected throughout 2021.

TeraGo is another 5G player. In early 2020, they began a 5G fixed wireless trial using equipment from Nokia. They said in early 2021 that their 5G FWA trials in the Greater Toronto Area advanced to allow speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps.

Late 2020 saw Videotron light up its new network. They said it would start in Montreal before continuing elsewhere in Quebec.

In April 2021, SaskTel announced a $55 million investment in Saskatchewan throughout 2021 and 2022 to launch 5G.