Why I Can’t Wait to Try the AirPods Pro 2 2022


Key Takeaways

Apple is rumored to be working on an upgrade to the AirPods Pro. One reliable source claims the Airpods Pro 2 could be released this year. I'm so enamored with my Airpods Pro that I can't wait to see what Apple will do with the next version. Apple

My AirPods Pro earbuds have become among my most prized possessions, but I can't wait to give them away. 

Apple's upcoming replacement to the AirPods Pro is making me drool, even though they are only rumors at the moment. Details are sketchy, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that third-generation AirPods will enter mass production in the third quarter of this year.

The AirPods Pro 2 are expected to launch along with a third-generation of AirPods. The lower-end model's design is reported to be similar to the current AirPods Pro, with shorter stems, but lacking silicone ear tips or active noise cancellation to make up for the lower price.

The second-generation AirPods sell for $159 with a wired charging case or $199 with a wireless charging case, while the AirPods Pro costs $249.

"Apple products have a habit of becoming so ingrained in our lives that it's easy to forget the premium cost."

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Building on Great

At this point, I'm ready to throw down my credit card for the AirPods Pro 2, sight unseen. My current Airpods Pro are so good that I can only imagine any improvement will make my life better. 

While the Pros aren't cheap, I picked them up on sale at Amazon for $199 and haven't regretted the purchase for a second. It's because they have that uniquely Apple trick of immediately making themselves necessary in ways you never imagined before.

I owned the original AirPods and liked them enough to scoff at the upgrade to the Pro version. After all, the AirPods were incredibly comfortable, paired instantly with my Apple devices, and had decently long battery life. 

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Then, I tried out the AirPods Pro, and suddenly, my beloved AirPods seemed laughable. I realized their sound quality was tinny, and they had an unfortunate habit of falling out of my ears at inopportune times. The AirPods Pro solves those problems with brilliantly clear sound quality, active noise cancellation, and a new shape that stays in my ears better while playing sports. 

Ready to Upgrade

Even though my AirPods Pro are a relatively recent purchase, I would jump at the chance to buy an upgrade. They are such a massive part of my life that I consider them essential equipment.

From listening to news radio in the morning and doing interviews and holding conference calls during the day to watching movies at night, it's ridiculous the amount of time I wear my Pros. 

As good as the AirPods Pro are, there are things Apple could make better. Better noise canceling would be one thing that could entice me to lay down the cash.

The noise-canceling on my AirPods Pro is very good, but I'm a quiet freak, and anything that could make things less noisy when I'm trying to concentrate would be welcome. 

I also hope that Apple works on the comfort aspect of the AirPods Pro. In my ears, at least, the Pro model offers a more secure fit than those of the regular AirPods. But that tighter fit comes at the cost of comfort.


I'd happily keep my old AirPods on all day, but the Pro models make me take breaks to give my ears a rest. 

Battery life is one area that could improve with the Pros. I get about four hours of use on a fully charged pair of earbuds. That's not enough to take me throughout the day, so I need to keep the charging case handy and schedule time for top-ups.

If the upgraded AirPods Pro lasted 24 hours, that would be a killer feature. 

Whenever the new AirPods Pro appear, they likely won't be cheap. Apple products have a habit of becoming so ingrained in our lives that it's easy to forget the premium cost.

In this case, I predict that the AirPods Pro will be worth whatever Apple charges.